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    a few years now
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    PDI, JG + EdGi VSR10 pro-sniper
    Custom CO2, KA + HFC Vsr Pro - sniper
    Well + EdGI G-spec
    Maruzen + Laylax Type 96

    TM/CA/G&G MC51
    DBoys M4A1 grenadier
    JG Tactical AK with drum mag
    Army R85A1 with spacer mod
    JG Mp5SD5
    Star SL8
    AGM + SystemA + Guarder + TM M14
    TM + Guarder FN P90
    KA LaRue 9.0" Tactical
    KA Ak47

    TM M3 benelli shorty full stock
    TM M3 benelli M870 stock

    Dboys Kar98K
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    If you dont get it working again ill have you hunting for mines With a hammer !!
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    United Kingdom

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    your worst dream!!
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    Motorbikes, Airsoft, Girls :P :P Computers and games, Music and rugby (currently injured with dislocated shoulder), swimming.
  1. chownsy

    M14 Picture Thread

    thank you, took me some time to get her looking perfect, bought her upgraded but not looking as it should of done. thank you for the pic or the RS with ras
  2. chownsy

    M14 Picture Thread

    Nice rifle, like the paint job on it. here is mine, its based on a M21 DMR but with RAS to make it look a bit more modern (hope i dont offend purists incase there is a M21 with ras on it in service that i cant find pics of) appologies about one pic being blured my camera wanted to go fuzzy on me. BAsically it needs a new paint job on her. it started life as a AGM M14, has had: TM barrel, Tm hop, Element H Nub, SystemA cylinder, systemA cylinder head, Guarder nozzel, guarder tappet plate, guarder bearing spring guide, TM piston and none vented bearing piston head, XYT steel gears, SP120 spring, ACM Ras, Brass bipod stud (hand made), Troy silencer, cheak rest, 3 point tactical sling, Scope and laser. 7 high caps, new front sight block, custom aluminium outer barrel (slightly longer than standard) hope you like Richard
  3. chownsy

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Here are a Few more pics of my sexy VSR Richard
  4. chownsy

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    the pure sex gets talked about alot, the netting was just a white net bag i had and sprayed it. it helps slightly with stopping glare, Needs to be a bit denser and it dont obstruct view at all I found that the net bag some knee pads come it works perfectly also. i got a proper good snniping oppertunity coming up next weekend, ill let you know if the netting works well Richard
  5. chownsy

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Thanks man the VSR is CO2 and runs a consistant 500FPS and is deadly silent Richard
  6. chownsy

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Here are my silenced weapons VSR with custon made Suppressor G36 with custon made Suppressor M4A1 suppressed MP5SD5 M21 Suppressed FN P90 Suppressed L96 Suppressed
  7. chownsy

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    HOOOOOOW does that shotgun cock??? EDIT: here is my shottie, its a TM and all the shells are TM Sorry for the bad pics, they were on my old phone camera
  8. chownsy

    What music are you currently listening to?

    bullet for my valentine - scream aim fire. just finished and now Sonic Syndicate - Helix Reign-Chronicles of a Broken Covenant: Jailbreak Sonic Syndicate - Aftermath now Gammy Ray - new world order Gamma Ray - damn the machine

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