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    KA Ak47

    TM M3 benelli shorty full stock
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    If you dont get it working again ill have you hunting for mines With a hammer !!
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  1. chownsy

    AGM M4 GBB

    i have managed to fit a KA one to my one (but i had to remove the front sight then slide on the m203, then slide the sight on, also the handguards will need a bit cutting out of them. I had to remove it because the barrel fell off (AGM poor quality), once i fix the barrel ill put it on and show a pic.
  2. the difference in mags was the Ehobby offer not King Arms offer.
  3. NEW LINK http://www.madmercsairsoft.co.uk/?page_id=11
  4. There will be a new link for this as soon as i finish re-making my site after it was hacked with phishing site rubbish.
  5. The review is now live on my website, Check it out here Many thanks for taking the time to look
  6. sorry but i thought the sniper section was more relevant as the results were specifically aimed towards snipers. also didnt know this section was for ammo. but thanks for moving it
  7. thanks, if i see another bb this week i will die
  8. I have finished and uploaded the madbull v devil bb reviews to my site Madbull Devil Hope you enjoy reading the findings
  9. I have reviewed these three items Webtex PLCE Webbing Webtex 120 PLCE IRR Bergen Webtex Sniper case
  10. ive had this problem for a few months now and its not always peak times. well ok it is but think about it, we have UK, American, China. Japan's peak hours plus more so basically its virtually 24/7
  11. I have uploaded a review of the Iasus tactical throat mic to my site http://madmercsairsoft.co.uk/death go to reviews, communications, iasus, throat mic. direct link is http://madmercsairsoft.co.uk/death/index.p...9&Itemid=64
  12. update from KWC themselves, the cooldown on the mag is due to the fact full aito should only be used in short controlled bursts, otherwise it will cool down too much. single shot should not be too affected by the cool down, unless rapid shots are fired.
  13. the cool down on this taurus is terrible on full auto. but ill try my new CO2 capsules soon.
  14. ill enquire about that for you, Ill speak to him tomorrow.
  15. thanks for the comment, I like the colour scheme, The writng is easy to read, but i will look at increasing the size for future reviews. As for the colour, it would mean gettin a whole new stylesheet and template (which im not keed on doing)
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