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    Slide & compensator CNC by Fire

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  1. the4thpower3: I showed the kit MMC for information I already have a wa infinity full steel by Prog4 It is true MMC has no Web site ... RacingManiac : Prog4 Has their own workshop CNC !
  2. I worship this man's pistol collection.....

  3. The kit and for a TM http://www2.enekoshop.jp/shop/sanko-websho...;item_id=204998 I meet problem I think that I am going to sell the kit SV
  4. kit MMC Infinity IMM For approximately $2 200 Available dear Sanko
  5. i had remove the anodisassions has the caustic soda! I use some glass paper only to make the brushing that limits luck to round off edge To realize the same brushing as the slide I had to use some glass paper 240 and 400
  6. RacingManiac : very beautiful You is going to make your frame in 2 tone now?
  7. Yes when prog4 my said that he works in the HFC 134A I was septic... I thought whom it was necessary to use of the red gas but not the HFC 134A the fact worked perfectly And with a beautiful violence of round trip of the slide Temperature during the shooting 27 ° approximately
  8. The gas HFC134a Made perfectly cycle the slide ( recoil spring 200% ) Rail on movement The list below and incomplete ... Infinity IMM 01/ SLIDE SVI Infinity: CNC Milling. Steel. 02/ FRAME SVI Infinity: CNC Milling. Steel. 03/ SLIDE STOP (EXTENDED SLIDE RELEASE): Professional Grade. Steel. RS. 04/ THUMB SAFETY (AMBIDEXTROUS THUMB SAFETY): Professional Grade. Steel. RS. 05/ TRIGGER: Professional Grade.Steel. RS. 06/ TRIGGER STOCK: Professional Grade. Steel. RS 07/ COCKING HANDLE: Professional Grade. Steel. RS 08/ THUMB STOP:
  9. You find aluminum logo SV for grip in Japan! I added logo SV on grip
  10. Mr Foxhound: Infinity IMM Completely steel
  11. Yes it is true a rail it is more tactical, but I find that rather aesthetics while I never use but rails
  12. RacingManiac : Why not not washhouse makes full SV as the truth?
  13. For the frame AS No it is necessary not to polish him but the brushed ... Use some caustic soda to remove the anodisassions ! And to have exactly the same grain as the slide I have to use of paper 280 and 400 for the finish ViciousV10s For the custom limcat Raymon HO I have to buy a frame limcat AS That I will also brush I have to delay his assembly to build a completely steel custom Infinity IMM
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