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  1. Also something I got in the last year or so, a VFC GBB MP7, I've had so many MP7 on and off in the past and I just want a "full size" one to see....
  2. Sometimes you are just bored to want to make stuff....lol
  3. I do have those and they happen to be some of the lone mags that still works with my WA M4...lol
  4. I'm really not but I can't resist buying cool kits if I see them...lol
  5. I think its my Google Photo setting, not sure if it works now?
  6. Zombie member post...Nova Staccato XC RMR kit Never mind the mismatched branding grip....there was a dead gun that donated its parts to it....see build thread in the tech section lol
  7. Compare to my old FI Glock thread this is going to be a lot less detailed, I am not even sure where that thread went... This started basically seeing the kit pop up on Boom Arms and having not done anything Airsoft in a while I figure I make another pistol for fun. Then I noticed something wrong with my old SVI build, reminder of what it used to be: The hybrid barrel, which I never knew how it was built, apparently it was made from 2 piece then just barely tack welded together, with the weld basically ground off for clean appearance....well what little welding it had broken
  8. Damn, not making me feeling less of a want to make a G26
  9. Holster question, anyone has a "TM Spec" solution for a pancake style kydex holster for a G34? TM slide, even this aftermarket one is wider than RS slide. The T-Rex Arms one I got works fine now after some heating and extra spacers for the screws, but it still rubs the top of the slide a bit. For aesthetic reasons though I kinda prefers the look of a pancake style construction : My G17 has a Raven Concealment holster for G21, which RS slide is slightly wider than the TM G17. There is a G34 size .45 Glock, the G41, but that specifically has a "narrow slide" which according to Glock
  10. I like the frame work up there. Also that's a cool slide.... Is that an ambi safety? I'd be curious once the "licensed" Glock came out there will be more G19 stuff. Seems like a lot of the RS stuff people are focusing on the 19 size because its a better carry gun size.
  11. The specific one i have is called Gripforce adapter...
  12. Sing with me here, its my Glock in a box!
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