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  1. Also something I got in the last year or so, a VFC GBB MP7, I've had so many MP7 on and off in the past and I just want a "full size" one to see....
  2. I'm really not but I can't resist buying cool kits if I see them...lol
  3. Zombie member post...Nova Staccato XC RMR kit Never mind the mismatched branding grip....there was a dead gun that donated its parts to it....see build thread in the tech section lol
  4. Damn, not making me feeling less of a want to make a G26
  5. Holster question, anyone has a "TM Spec" solution for a pancake style kydex holster for a G34? TM slide, even this aftermarket one is wider than RS slide. The T-Rex Arms one I got works fine now after some heating and extra spacers for the screws, but it still rubs the top of the slide a bit. For aesthetic reasons though I kinda prefers the look of a pancake style construction : My G17 has a Raven Concealment holster for G21, which RS slide is slightly wider than the TM G17. There is a G34 size .45 Glock, the G41, but that specifically has a "narrow slide" which according to Glock
  6. I like the frame work up there. Also that's a cool slide.... Is that an ambi safety? I'd be curious once the "licensed" Glock came out there will be more G19 stuff. Seems like a lot of the RS stuff people are focusing on the 19 size because its a better carry gun size.
  7. The specific one i have is called Gripforce adapter...
  8. Sing with me here, its my Glock in a box!
  9. Ok I think I am done. Added PTS Magwell since RS Agency Arms and RS Magpul one doesn't fit.... polished the "pin" of the extractor, and also swap the trigger pin for ones with the dimple like the RS Fowler Industries ones. Also got Guarder mag basepads. A pair of pistols with optics... All the Glocks...
  10. Yep it's the PVD coating version. It was the last one Boomarms had.
  11. I am not a fan of the Glock full size frame grip angle, at least with the Gen 3 frame....I mean I don't game with it but its still something that I like to make sure fits how I shoot.... Anyway the RMR is here, still no magwell...
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