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  1. Stich Profi inside the waist holsters, for medium size autos, Sig p226, Glock17 etc and sub compacts, Glock 19 etc. Brand New. £10 each +££4 for post and paypal.
  2. Kydex holster and Mag pouch with TECLOK belt mounts for KJ CZ 75. Custom made for KJ KP09, thick kydex and absolute solid retention. £15 + £4 for post and paypal.
  3. Fobus Beretta M9/92 Holster . Adjustable cant. £10 + £4 for post and paypal.
  4. Cytac holster for XDM . Fits both TM and WE, brand new. £15 + £4 for post and paypal.
  5. IMI Beretta holster. Brand New. £20 + £4 for post and paypal.
  6. Fits KSC/KWA CZ75 and KJW KP09, brand new. £20 + £4 for post and paypal.
  7. FNH made Hi power leather belt holster, unissued surplus. £20 including postage and paypal.
  8. This is now £15 + £4 for post and paypal. Pic's taken with my Tanaka S&W airweight holstered in it to give you some idea of size.
  9. Used but as new SD slide and barrel for TM XDM. £85 including post and paypal.
  10. GI Kit - Sold. Better pictures of the remaining TRP one.
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