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  1. Actual browning factory grips, French walnut, modified from inside to fit Tanaka/ WE . £20 including post and paypal. Pic's will be up soon or PM for phone pic's. Also have a Hi Power holster for sale here : https://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/218801-fnh-made-hi-power-holster/
  2. k.a

    Re: TM 4.3 Frame Rails..a question

    Yep, rails are plastic too.
  3. FNH made Hi power leather belt holster, new un issued surplus. Won't fit WE Browning with tangent sight , fits Tanaka Hi powers and obviously deacts and I assume it'll fit the New MK III that WE have in the works. £20 +£5 postage. Pic's will be up soon.
  4. k.a

    1911 Picture Thread

    Indeed was a true gent and much missed fellow softer.
  5. k.a

    1911 Picture Thread

    Top one without rail PGC kit, those orangey SFA grips are shooters design, it may well be one I put together and sold if you bought it from late Atich.
  6. Pic's and apologies for delay as have been kept busy by the misses with diy jobs around the house. https://freeimage.host/i/JLNHib https://freeimage.host/i/JLNdfj
  7. Pic's and apologies for delay as misses kept me busy with diy jobs around the house. https://freeimage.host/i/JLWREl https://freeimage.host/i/JLGbCQ
  8. Shooters Design Slide & Barrel Set For TM XDM silver, used but near new condition, briefly installed on my XDM but now running black slide and barrel of the same make. Arguably the best according to the XDM thread here and my first hand experience easy to install with no issues unlike Nova or Detonator. Looking for £100 including post and paypal. Pic's will be up soon and for now link to the retailer I bought from : www.dentrinityshop.com/pr_details.jsp?pid=17146
  9. As above, brand new. £70 inc post and paypal. Pic's will be up soon .
  10. Awesome FNC, thanks ever so much for the update.
  11. To looooong ........
  12. hallelujah .... finally
  13. k.a

    Beretta 92f Mags.

    Will swap with TM Hi Capa, XDM, Sig P226 E2 or WE Glock 19 mags.
  14. k.a

    Beretta 92f Mags.

    2 X WE mags sold. Now only have one each of KJ and WE. Both £25 all in. Again both gas tight with very little use, nothing wrong with them just bought more then I need

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