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  1. No longer need G17 mags as I bought some brand new. Swap wise after TM M9, TM P226 E2 or WE Glock 19 mags.
  2. Hello all, I am looking to buy a Ace1 arrms AC Style Ti-Rant Silencer. Does it comes with a inner barrel ? or you have to buy what they call the Lengthen Kit for that silencer ? Thanks in advance.
  3. As above, in good condition and working order. PM if you got one to sell with price including post (mainland, UK) and paypal.
  4. Only swaps I'll entertain are WE Glock 19 mags or WE Glock 17 plastic mags in good condition.
  5. Camo (MultiCam woodland) Kydex holster for KJW CZ75 and KWA CZ75 and mag pouch, good quality Tek-lok belt loops, It's a custom made holster and cost me £60. Looking for £35 all in. Pic's will be up soon.
  6. Title says it all. PM if you have one to sell. Located in UK.

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