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  1. Sub compact holster - sold. Other still available.
  2. Asg/ KWA Beretta M9, faulty as it'll shoot a few bbs then the rest get jammed in the barrel and bbs at the back will push on the ones in front which roll out the barrel. Otherwise without bbs in mag, it blows back fine, locks back on empty, the decocker works and the mag is leak free basically nothing wrong other then bbs jamming, new hop bucking maybe? but don't quote me on that as I haven't tried fixing it or have a new hop rubber to try . It's the newer KSC System 7 version with metal slide. £40 + £5 for post and paypal. Also have a holster for it that I can do for a tenner if bought with
  3. It fits XDM, real steel and airsoft, sorry no idea if it'll fit a Taurus or where to buy a holster for it.
  4. Got both, will do pic's of those aswell along with the commander hammer.
  5. Should fit, or TM S70 safety fits perfect, I have both the correct Nova safety, nickel though and KM head commander steel hammer, buy them from me or sell me the gun and you go build your steel 1911.
  6. k.a

    Glock Picture Thread

    Nice, who makes them tall sights.
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