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  1. Will swap with Guarder slide for KJW Glock 23, don't mind if it's Guarder's glock 23 slide or glock 19 but a aluminum one, not steel.
  2. After a Guarder aluminium silde for Kjw glock 23, don't mind if it's glock 23 one or 19. PM for quicker response.
  3. If you need the replacement parts for yourself or if you are prospective buyer I have complete slide for this and mags, gun and mags was bought as a donor gun for Guarder/KJW G23 build but I am using WE mags in it, so they are also surplus.
  4. I know mate but want TM. Still looking.
  5. Thanks guys that saves me a bundle as them vintage 1911 parts are not cheap, would a wide mag release button fit, the type you fit and sit on to your normal mag release.
  6. k.a

    FNH made Hi power Holster.

    I've sold to peeps aboard but not many that's why : )
  7. k.a

    FNH made Hi power Holster.

    Don't you remember who sold you that silver Tanaka . Look on ebay US for the holster mate, I managed to find most of vintage 1911/ S&W grips etc I needed for various projects.
  8. k.a

    FNH made Hi power Holster.

    I know mate, just bought a 58 pattern unissued holster myself for £40, few years ago you could could pick them up for a fiver. This however will be good for the MKIII WE got in the works and hard to find un issued.
  9. k.a

    FNH made Hi power Holster.

    Still here, PM for pic's.
  10. Desantis leather belt holster for real steel S&W J frame/ Colt detective special, brand new . Fits all Tanaka Chiefs Special J frame revolvers and also Tanaka colt detective special. £25 all in, $60 odd to buy new. PM for pic's.
  11. I'll probably get a machine shop to do the fitting bud, what I don't know how way off are the thumbsafetys (both bits that go on the frame) and would they even align where they go on the frame or I end up hacking and welding bits back on to get alingment.
  12. Title says it all, building old skool custom/ Terminator 2 style TM based 1911 and wondering RS twin thumb safetys and grip safety will fit a TM. If they don't fit is it doable with modifications ? and if so whats involved, machining etc ? Anyone with first hand experience. Much appreciated.
  13. Sold. Still have the holster, PM for pic's if interested.
  14. As per title. Heavy weight version preferred or Tanaka's recent offerings with real trades but will entertain normal ABS ones. Get back to me with pic's and price if you're parting with one.
  15. Actual browning factory grips, French walnut, modified from inside to fit Tanaka/ WE . £20 including post and paypal. Pic's will be up soon or PM for phone pic's. Also have a Hi Power holster for sale here : https://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/218801-fnh-made-hi-power-holster/

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