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  1. Here is what says on the box , price is now £20 + £5 for post and paypal if sold within UK, £20 + whatever actual postage cost if posting abroad :
  2. Have been asked so for the benefit of one n all, it's complete, plug and play ready to go upper , Airsoft Masterpiece slide, Airsoft Masterpiece fixed steel outer barrel with matching .40/ 40S&W markings , complete with TM 5.1 innards. Slide was £105 from Ebog Designs and the outer barrel £89 odd before postage. Looking for £150 including both post and paypal.
  3. Complete, plug and play upper for TM Hi Capa, Airsoft Masterpiece slide, Airsoft Masterpiece steel outer barrel, complete with innards. £150 including post and paypal.
  4. Holster is for P229 and compatible with similar size Sigs bud, I can do a close up pic of the packaging where it says what it fits if you like ?
  5. Brand new Galco Sig P228 holster, £25 collected or £30 including post and paypal. Will swap with Blade tech M&P 9 holster preferably with tek lock.
  6. TM V10 looking to sell or swap, swapwise after WE Browning Hi Power MK 3 traded version in black or WE Beretta 950 again with trades and in black. Only used a handful of time in back garden and never been in a hard holster,chucking in a leather belt holster which won't mar the finish on the gun. Boxed with all with all the gubbins including the RMR mount etc. £105 including post and paypal.
  7. As above, PM with pic's and price if you have one to offer.
  8. As above, any markings on the chamber. PM with pic's and price if you have one to offer.
  9. Yep, anyway gun looks nice with trades.
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