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  1. k.a

    Beretta 92f Mags.

    2 X WE mags sold. Now only have one each of KJ and WE. Both £25 all in. Again both gas tight with very little use, nothing wrong with them just bought more then I need
  2. k.a

    Beretta 92f Mags.

    duh.. price £15 posted each. 2 X KJW ones sold.
  3. WE and KJW Beretta 92 mags x 6 (3 WE, and 3 KJW). Used but leak free and nothing wrong with them just bought more then I need. TM compatible.
  4. k.a

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    Hi power soon
  5. Just the lower receiver with no innards ? Got the upper and lower receiver brand new off a KSC Mac 11, Cobray traded one which was the donor gun for my full steel build. PM if interested.
  6. As above, I am looking for broke or cheap TM Detonics for parts. PM for quicker response.
  7. k.a

    WE's jet-fire

    I Love you WE ...... ...... 👍👍
  8. k.a

    WE G series MOS full house

    Thanks bud : ).

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