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  1. Korean made body kit for Mitsubishi fto, its a copy of a Japanese topmix kit. Very decent quality and cost me £800 to import, I just want it gone as I now moved to a property that doesn't have a garage and need the space, includes front splitter, side skirts and rear spoiler, collection only and looking for £300. PM for pics and thanks for looking.
  2. Both never fitted Al, it's brand new in box. This one : https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/guarder-aluminium-slide--frame-for-marui-meu-45-trpelectroplating-sliver PM your mobile number if you are OK with that and I'll send over some pic's or will try doing the pic's soon.
  3. Very nice, how much did it set you back ?
  4. As above, just want the kit or buy complete gun if the price is right. PM for quicker response.
  5. Guarder TRP chrome kit. £110 all in. Guarder SFA GI kit. £95 all in. Will do pics soon.
  6. Don't know about the inner barrel fitment but what enhanced means in terms of Guarder hop is it's durable as opposed to Kjw hop which breaks at the bottom but will still work, that might be the reason for inaccuracy. I have upgraded both my Guarder Kjw builds with the Guarder hop it's on par with TM and actually a very good replacement for Kjw or for a scratch build TM.
  7. k.a

    Glock Picture Thread

    Nice. what slide is that Ivan ?
  8. Will swap with Guarder slide for KJW Glock 23, don't mind if it's Guarder's glock 23 slide or glock 19 but a aluminum one, not steel.
  9. After a Guarder aluminium silde for Kjw glock 23, don't mind if it's glock 23 one or 19. PM for quicker response.
  10. If you need the replacement parts for yourself or if you are prospective buyer I have complete slide for this and mags, gun and mags was bought as a donor gun for Guarder/KJW G23 build but I am using WE mags in it, so they are also surplus.
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