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  1. Don't people know by now that bighugelabs SUCKS?!
  2. Must. Resist. Want. to Debate. Oh hell, one quick thing. I think we should help our own countries first before going to "save" Africa or China or the Middle East. I am getting flashbacks of the white man's burden poem... The UK and the United States have enough problems at home (drugs, poverty, crime). We need to solve our own problems first before going to save poor little Africa.
  3. This is my current one: And no, I don't have Vista. I just like the look.
  4. I know... But you're still anti-Christian. BTW, funny pic, but old. This, however, is new.
  5. LOL, I'm all for creation, but that was really funny! Not that I believe that dinos made it on the Ark, mind you.
  6. You have some serious anti-Christian problems, dude... So as not to spam :
  7. I'm sorry you believe that, RedScare. RedScare, being a Christian isn't about things making sense, it is a faith. We Christians have done nothing to you by believing what we believe. I am not saying that you should be a Christian; it is your choice, but why do you feel a need to bash religion or specifically, Christianity? Think about that.
  8. How could I forget about the stock?! *facepalms* Yep, that mose certainly is a VFC SCAR.
  9. Dear God, no! You bought a STAR SCAR-L, didn't you?! The STAR SCAR is famous for its pink/purple frame. lol
  10. Don't forget that the CA version uses an older version of the SCAR stock. That probably is adding length too.
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