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  1. Something seems... odd about that weapon....
  2. I was listening to an analysis of the civil unrest in Egypt, yesterday, on NPR. The analyst said that it was likely due, in large part, to the increasing price of food, worldwide... some of those prices have jumped 50% over the past year. This same analyst linked this increase in price to droughts in Russia and the United States, combined with the shear amount of American crops that go into biofuels (those are among other reasons, but those are the three I remember). Apparently something like half (45-55%, I don't remember the exact number) of all the food that the US produces ends up being co
  3. Join me, and together we can destroy the evil polymer empire and bring balance back to the Real Steel thread.

  4. My internet has recently decided that it will only download so much of a file and then it will stop. And it's not consistent. It can download something as large as a couple of megabytes without a hiccup. Or it will only download a couple of kilobytes of that file and stop. Dead. Consequently, I cannot up-date my anti-virus software and I cannot watch anything on The Escapist (and I have to re-load a page a half-dozen times or more to get things like Pimp-My-Gun to work).
  5. Woah! You're still alive!? God must love you!
  6. "I'm confused. No, wait... I think you're confused." -Dr. Simon Tam Am I not communicating effectively? Did I not say that Hedge was correct when he pointed out that Irish citizens are not British citizens? Did my comparison of an Irish citizen calling themselves British on account of geographical location (the British Isles) with a Mexican citizen calling themselves American on account of geographical location (the Americas) really make what I said that much murkier?
  7. Which is something that you would have basically read in my posts if you had, you know, read them.
  8. True. I suppose that someone from the Republic of Ireland has as much right to call themselves a British citizen as someone from the United States of Mexico has to call themselves an American citizen. The more correct terminology would be that they are citizens of a British or American nation, I reckon.
  9. I can understand that someone might want to be thought of as Welsh or Scottish or Irish or English before being British, just the same as I can understand how someone might want to be thought of as a Virginian or Texan before being American. But a government organization tasked with investigation and staffed primarily by individuals with Juris Doctor degrees should, I think, know that anyone who is a British citizen is going to be a citizen of either the Republic of Ireland or of the UK (and anyone saying that they're from the Republic of Ireland would simply call themselves Irish). @Kyria
  10. Apparently, the FBI is convinced that the United Kingdom is not a nation/country/state that one can be born in or have citizenship from. Apparently, one can be a citizen of England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland. According to the FBI. And we wonder why we cannot find Osama and how the 9/11 hijackers slipped through the cracks.
  11. Who moved my cheese..

  12. Happy birthday, man.


  13. People ( Brits and others ) who write 'Lego' instead of 'LEGO'. Perturbs me, it does.
  14. Moderately bored. And I got the most awesome die-cast model I've ever seen. So I figured it warranted a change in wallpaper to honor it.
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