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  1. Something seems... odd about that weapon....
  2. Join me, and together we can destroy the evil polymer empire and bring balance back to the Real Steel thread.

  3. Who moved my cheese..

  4. Happy birthday, man.


  5. Moderately bored. And I got the most awesome die-cast model I've ever seen. So I figured it warranted a change in wallpaper to honor it.
  6. FN and Colt make M16s. And if things go as they probably should, FN and Colt (will) make M240s.
  7. Silly questions: Is the HK416 getting a Norwegian type-classification, ie: AG3? And will any of them be made at Kongsberg, or are they all going to be made in Germany?
  8. Haven't seen these posted anywhere, but figured they would be relevant to this thread: And details are rather hard to pick-out in this one, since it was taken using NOD:
  9. I have to be quite honest: A-Those are amazing pictures. B-Why would anyone fly an old warbird like a P-40, especially one in Flying Tigers trim, and not wear a period flight suit?
  10. It's rather hard to look someone in the eye when they are two miles away, would you not agree? Besides, that is why we have our own South Korean women to deploy against them.
  11. Why your mother told you to never, ever marry someone involved in Mil-Sim events.
  12. 120mm shotshells are so much fun, though!
  13. Except the Rheinmetall 120mm L/44 cannon doesn't need rifling. Because the projectiles are stabilized by fins, rather than rifling. And the M1 Abrams had a 105mm rifled bore cannon (made in the UK). We traded up to the 120mm smoothbore on some late model M1s and the M1A1 (through to the new M1A2). And it is not just our choice, either. The Rheinmetall 120mm L/44 is also the choice of weapon for the German Leopard II (although the Leopard IIA6 is upgunned to the new 120mm L/55 cannon), the most common MBT in the Western world, the Israeli Merkava III and IV utilize modified L/44s, the Japa
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