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  1. you would totally buy a wa2000 mk2 if you could the desert eagles have been breeding, yesterday one of them spat out the RE 10" version
  2. I bought most of the internals from an ebay company called ehobbyasia, they also have their own website now. The internals are ver2 compatible or v2 when looking for parts. Hopup nub was a systema one and changed the rubber at the same time. Really easy to do. Element gearbox internals, Guarder piston head, Marui electric motor. Unless you really want to or need to dont open the gearbox until youve used it or had it chronoed. If there is a air leak in the piston it will show up on the chrono results. Element sell gearbox packages that have gears/piston/piston head/spring guide/shims
  3. Ive not had a problem with my trigger switch, biggest problem has been the boxmag feeding correctly. There are a few takedown videos on youtube showing you how it comes to pieces all the way down to the gearbox and its internals. It is very simple, I disasembled the gearbox in the safezone at a skirmish and replaced the piston in about 10 minutes. There is a lot of support here on Arnies and any problems you would get could be answered very quickly and helpfully. There is also a subsection on Arnies called The Foxhole which is dedicated to support guns and there is also a dedicated thread
  4. Good bloke , nice reliable seller!

    Cheers mate!

  5. 5 star arnies member, thanks for all of your help.

  6. cafemondo

    Aluminium anodising

    A story of how to anodize aluminium using kitchen and garden shed type operations. Excellent results and super hard wearing surfaces.
  7. cafemondo

    m249 sale

    quick album whilst I sell my gun
  8. cafemondo

    airsoft crow 4

    Its a crow, and its now RIP.
  9. Morning, Im also getting the same error message when accessing arnies via Internet explorer, I did have a windows vista service pack upgrade yesterday but was able to access arnies after that. Currently browsing in firefox.
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