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  1. This is absolutely incredible, looks like it'd be a good place for amateur movie makers too.
  2. Hmph, It's no bigger than the sentry, just has more wires - and I could fit that into my tiny mp5k easily! There must be somewhere where you can squeeze it!
  3. Yep, now you can see my dilemma! Well in that case, I'll have to settle for HotPacks *sigh*
  4. Hah, thanks but I already found that, and sadly, at the EVAQ8 site that they link to, they're out of stock!
  5. I know this is a ridiculous Necro, for which I apologize, however. I haven't found anywhere with HotCan's in stock at the minute, could anyone shed any light and where to purchase? Thanks
  6. I purchased a different mosfet from them, the sentry, and it's absolutely amazing. Some of the best service I have ever experienced as a customer, excellent rates and brilliant product! The DIP switches on the unit to alter settings are a genius idea and work a charm!
  7. My ACMGear Campaign banner isn't working :< Any suggestions?

    1. cazboab


      You were using the wrong forum code bud. Its working now.

    2. Krispy101


      Brill, thanks caz! :)

  8. Just spent £7.34 on a McDonalds.

  9. Brill photos! It's a little odd seeing Airsofters on horses in the middle of a game though, but each to their own!
  10. Now I want a 1911 Too! Damn you guys for killing my bank cheque for another month D:
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