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  1. Okay, thanks. I'm not too fond of the look of a G36 with STANAG mags, but then again I'm even less fond of the bulkiness of the G36 mags, and as I'm going for a low profile rig I just can't drop the thought that it might be a good idea. Have heard some bad stories about bad feeding with the magwells though, but I guess that might have been sorted out in recent releases, considering so many uses them nowadays and seems pleased with them too. Thanks.
  2. I see more and more people using a mag converter with the G36. There are several models (or rather, brands) out there though. So question is: What STANAG mag converter do you guys recommend? And do they work fine with MAG 100rds rds? Or is there any other magazine brand that should be preferred in this case?
  3. I'm well aware the SIG-series uses 5.56, but like Weirdguy said, when it comes to pouches 7.62 works better due to the mags being slightly bigger than STANAG, which made me wonder about magpuls aswell. Thanks for the replies!
  4. To the guys/gals with magpul, which type do you use? 5.56 works fine or is it really for 7.62? Also, are there any online shops who still store the cheekpieces? Thanks.
  5. Also, what MOLLE mag pouches do you guys use for your SIG 550/551/552 mags?
  6. Figured I might aswell put this question in here. Has anyone ever tried doing a "battery inside cheekpiece"-mod for the SIGs? I figured, the cheekpiece is pretty common (and VERY sexy) among the SIG-series, and I reckon it could serve as a nice battery compartment with some modifications. Anyone tried this?
  7. Is there someone in here that could do some measurements of an AUG mag for me? I'd like to compare them to G36 mags in size.
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