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  1. I have my finger hovering over the purchase button at the moment. I looking to get my A&K SVD from Actionhobbys.co.uk, they mention adding a new spring to bring it down to 300fps but they also supply the original aswell. Anyone bought the SVD from here before? Also im a lefty , any other leftys here had any problems using the SVD w/scope? [EDIT] I took the plunge, just ordered mine! cant wait. [/EDIT]
  2. darklite your fire selector is waaay down there?
  3. finally its here! my AKS74 came this morning via parcelfarce from FireSupport. I was amazed at the quality when i first opened the box (this is my 3rd VFC, 1st was my HK416 which had internal problems and the 2nd was a VFC AIMS PMC). The wood looks amazing also. Picking it up and holding it was a joy! Test firing it on a 9.6v, it sounds very nice compared to my Cyma. Im finding mags fit very very snug, my cyma mag that came with my ak105 doesnt fit, but i dont care because its a high cap and b i dont use it. My other selection of mags fit very well and the VFC that came with the aks74 is very
  4. I think it will look pretty cool, Can you take some pictures of the battery in your RPK please?
  5. Indeed it is (wired for the top that is)! Oh dear now do i have the willpower to stop myself from buying a kit :S. Another thing ive noticed however on the LCT kits the bolt carrier has a flat part to it. You can see it here bottom right of the pic. Surely thats going to get in the way of a 9.6v stick battery?
  6. Just waiting on my AKS74 now, bought it from Firesupport instead. My Prometheus purple rubbers came through the post today! Btw what is stopping me from buying a LCT conversion kit and dropping the internals from my Cyma CM040B into it? looking at either the AKMS kit or the MG-MS.
  7. Will do cheers. Recommend me changing the rubber and nub in my AKS74?
  8. Yeah im not going start playing with the internals on my VFC, now my cyma i might. But for starters i'll be running a 9.6v 1500mah stick. Am i right in saying the 7.4v lipo has a higher ROF than the 9.6v?
  9. Ive had a VFC AIMS before and loved it! however sold it, but to a good home (mightjebus). I tried mightyjebus's, well one of his many many AKS74s back in 2007 i think but it was pretty pretty awesome. Btw the ROF on your RPK is...wow. nice video also. [edit] I also plan to put a MOSFET and run a 7.4v? lipo at some point, however i dont have the tools or the knowledge to install a mosfet, would have to send my aeg off to do it. If i do that i might aswell get it changed to deans/T style battery connectors?
  10. indeed it is. Only "internal" mod on it is a new madbull hard hopup rubber and H nub, seemed to improve the distance and grouping of the bbs, only slightly tho. Performs very well out the box but i need to put a new spring in if its chrono'ing at 350fps +. Glad i bought it last summer.
  11. well ive just ordered a VFC AKS74 from WGC, after a sleepless night of deciding which aeg i should go for (VFC AIMS PMC, AKMS and AKS74) the AKS74 came out tops. So within 7 days I should have it in my grasp at last! I will also post pics to make up for my rabbling in the thread for pictures! [EDIT] My current Cyma AK-105
  12. well the comment about the internals is....dissapointing . im just going to wait then for the VFC aims to come back in stock. The range and performance on my last one was simply amazing.
  13. guys quick bit of help needed, has anyone got or owned an LCT AMD-65. Im looking to buy one either today or tomorow, But ive read somewhere that its very hard to fit a 9.6v 1500mah stick battery into it. Also what are the quality of the internals on the newer LCT aegs (currently looking at the AMD-65 PMC)? Are they as good as VFC ak internals (was hoping to pickup another new VFC AIMS from somewhere but every where is sold out )
  14. @ DFM56, Very nice mate! Ive got a CM040B myself and have been looking to mod it exactly the same. How hard was it to fit the LCT Ultimak kit?
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