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  1. now we're getting somewhere! Somegirls, would you mind doing a couple more angles please? that one is excellenty lit though, so similar!
  2. That's kinda good news for the KWA buyers But doesn't explain why the KSCs are blowing, if we are treating KWA USA's information as duff. Are you happy to take a photo for your cylinder to compare with the broken one, to see if we can see any differences?
  3. I don't think we've seen any KWA failures yet - because we've only seen one KWA gun, the semi-only german one. All the KWAs on route to the US were delayedby the typhoon but should be out any day now. Fair to say that this represents a fair old dilemma to KWA USA - they know the part is duff, but are about to unleash a few thousand units into the US, some bits of which are extremely hot right now - there should be a pretty rapid failure rate in California and an awful lot of bitchning on the KWA forums. Maybe.
  4. I have a WAS molle holster it fits perfectly.
  5. So...the KSC's rocket valve is metal as well then, yes?
  6. this from allizard of KWA USA: "nozzle have different material. Also our rocket valve is metal."
  7. Just about to hit the shelves in America in full auto.
  8. link please to this KWA quote? I should have mine in a week or two (a KWA)
  9. this might seem like a stupid question, but would it be possible to inject some araldite into the crack to seal it up again?
  10. bloody hell. I am (a) glad I bought a cheap KWA and ( only using it on 134 until something is DONE about this!
  11. I am using .30s in mine exclusively. It is THAT GOOD.
  12. hmmm, well that'd be cheaper anyway! Bit quicker to mill too. But what kind of plastic?
  13. one of my team-mates has access to a CNC machine - does the cylinder look like it could be re-created in aluminium without too much drama?
  14. In the spirit of experimentation and "well, it's not as bad as buying a £300 lemon", i've ordered a KWA one from the states. WE SHALL SEE!
  15. man, that is gloomy. Are you using Abbey predator 134? That sounds more like a duster gas reading! Oh, what to do...what's your feeling, some lemon cylinders or that you've been lucky so far?
  16. Hrmm....Redwolf reckon it does 310 on 134a. That does seem a mighty drop (340 to 230).
  17. Yeah, I did think about it, but in the end, i am sending it via my sister in LA and didn't want to muck her about. Loads of places only ship to US, you see. however, this fella on ebay will do int. shipping: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Blackhawk-CQC-Serpa-...7#ht_760wt_1446
  18. Well it wouldn't be much use in japan if it didn't cycle properly on 134a would it? It does 300-ish on it.
  19. on your right hip maybe for legs, you need a leg platform. they're more money. This holster is only about $39 in the standard config. A serpa leg platform would be an extra $80 or so, you can pick them up second hand easy enough. The paddle goes on any trouser - there is a belt loop option too, don't know if it comes with the standard holster or not, i've only bought ACMs up until now, this is my first real one.
  20. depends where you wanna put it! It comes with a hip paddle, I believe.
  21. Thers is indeed a SERPA holster, I have one in the post to me from the US at this very minute! Black only though.
  22. I don't think the KWA has broken cover yet - all MP7s out there are from the initial "Limited Edition" of 1500 froms KSC. The KWA is listed as out at Airsoft GI from tomorrow. It's not that 134a doesn't improve longevity, but that in Japan it's necessary for legality. 134a should improve longevity, unless the part is fatally flawed.
  23. just spoken to the novatcombat people in Guernsey who are all running predator with apparently no problems so far. They've had no calls about failures yet either.
  24. OK. Is there any advice in the manual about only using 134a? Being japanese, I can only imagine there is... will this be the problem? Green is too much for the cylinder?
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