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  1. RedSpartan

    WE G39C GBB

    My bolt release was originally almost impossible to use with the index finger of my firing hand, but after some use it has lightened up to the point that I can easily use it with my index finger.
  2. RedSpartan

    WE G39C GBB

    If you must know, I WAS careless with my own CA G36C, as I pulled the charging handle back after reloading (trying to emulate the real thing and all) and it broke as I was pulling it back. Keep in mind the adrenaline was pumping pretty hard! I broke the 2nd one on a friends CA G36, I was being VERY careful with this one, I pulled it back to check something with the hop-up, and the thing broke. Thanks for the assurance nickthebrick65! That makes me feel better about running this thing on a one point sling! I paid $232 for the gun plus a spare magazine shipped from Airsoft GI during their "Season to Remember" or whatever they called it sale. Free shipping plus 12% off, can't beat that! My front end wobbled a bit too after a week or so. This is just the barrel and is quite easy to fix. Simply remove the handguard, and at the part where the barrel meets the receiver, you'll see a ring looking thing (like a giant hop-up unit, but it's around the outer barrel instead of the inner one). This appears to be the G36 equivalent of a barrel ring, so all that needs to be done is to tighten it. There are little rectangle slits in it, so I just stuck a large flat head in the thing for leverage to help me twist it till it was tightened all the way. After that, the barrel wobbling ceased. I'm guessing this is something that'll have to be done every so often.
  3. RedSpartan

    WE G39C GBB

    Just received mine from Airsoft GI last night! It chrono'ed at a little over 350. I'm going to have to buy more gas and silicon oil to shoot this thing as much as I'd like. I was amazed at how light the gun was and how heavy the magazines were. The mag weighs almost as much as one of my steel AK47 magazines fully loaded with 7.62x39mm Soviet. There are a few parts I'm concerned about though. First are the tabs on the magazines, these are known to break on AEG magazines with prolonged use. The material on the magazines appears much stronger than those used on AEG mags, but these magazines are much heavier, and will probably be treated rougher. Second is the charging handle. I've broken two on AEGs, on the CA G36C and CA G36 respectively, I'm worried the same could happen here. I know it's strong, but on the AEG versions, it's a very tiny piece of plastic that wraps around a pin on the metal piece that sits above the bolt itself and connects the bolt to the charging handle. Last but not least, I'm worried about the rear sling mount. Can that little piece of plastic hold the gun up, fully loaded with maybe optics and a tac light on a one point sling all day long without breaking? Thoughts, experiences, or reassurances?
  4. RedSpartan

    WE M14 Gas Blowback Rifle

    Since it sounds like it weighs about as much as a real M14, I'm curious about more models. Has anyone heard anything about roughly when the EBR will be available? How about an M14 SOCOM or SCAR-H? My team loves the M14 SOCOM, be it G&G, Echo 1, or TM, so naturally, they're very interested in this as well. If WE makes an M14 SOCOM, they may turn my few teammates who have GBBRs away from their AGMs and WAs.
  5. RedSpartan

    WE SCAR Review

    Does anyone have thoughts on RA-Tech's custom version of WE's guns? http://en.ratech.com.tw/product/rag/ra_cus...ustome_work.php They come with the NPAS, Stinger Hop-up, free shipping, RA-Tech's (I assume just reinforced) firing pin, and their valve locker as well. At $375 for the SCAR version, I may pull the trigger on this instead of a new KWA AEG.
  6. RedSpartan


    From Left to Right: Shmekal, Chris, Cam, Macias, Gibbs, Wraith (yours truly), and JP.
  7. RedSpartan

    Team Umbrella

    Pictures of UBCS (a.k.a. Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service)

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