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    Based in either Portsmouth or Cambridge. Being playing airsoft since 1999, been using Arnies since ever, and I'm a blue boards veteran from the www.airsoft.org days; Oldest active users on Ukan too!<br /><br />Just got a degree in War and I'm now a servant of the state. Rarely get to play now due to work commitments, and I really need to down-sized my gun collections!
  1. Brilliant buyer, good comms and instant payment.

  2. Good Seller, the m60 he sent me was in good nick and well packaged.

  3. Paid him directly into his bank account. Brilliant seller, excellent comms and very quick postage. A+++

  4. Yep I'm definitely a legend.

  5. I personally think I'm a legend.

  6. twig

    This user is a con:


    This item was paid for and was never sent and the seller then disappeared! Legal proceedings have started!


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