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  1. Might be interested if they made G19 sized one. Not a huge fan of the rear sight in the middle though. Other than that looks cool.
  2. I noticed this aswell. And also have wear in the hole and front. I'm guessing it was to reduce the space between the barrel and the slide hole? I know I have a few GBBs that rattle because of the loose outbarrel.
  3. Weird I was just going to ask about this. Pushing the barrel like Mimesis said worked perfect. Finally got the gun after 3 weeks in customs.
  4. Ordered a grey frame VP9 from Ehobby and its been stuck in customs for two weeks.
  5. Might have to get the Grey. To keep myself from buying the real one because I already have enough handguns. Haha. Frustrated with how TM handguns are so off scale they fit in no Kydex holsters good. (Yes, I know they preform the best but still annoying. The M&P is huge compared to my real one.) Though I Notice spare magazines are not in stock. May have to wait. So why is the gun no longer able to be sold in America? No USA retailers even carry it. It was marketed hard when it came out.
  6. Weird. Redwolf says the Grey frame VP9 can only be sold in Asia. Anyone have any idea why?
  7. Reminds me of VFCs rifles. Great externals, disappointing internals. Thats a shame, it's one of my favorite guns.
  8. Still wish TM would make there guns in spec size wise. They are always bigger than real. Its pretty snug in my Gcode holster. So much I have to use the holster with the adjustment screw fully out. And its still tight. My Real M&P and VFC M&P fit perfect.
  9. Anyone know where to find extra magazines for this thing? No US websites carry them and there out of stock on Redwolf and Ehobby.
  10. Noticed Nova slide is pretty tight fitting to the gun. When running it in chilly weather, it would half cycle. Just gotta break her in!
  11. Haha. I see we have similar tastes. Yeah its the Dytac. Was very happy when I saw they made a Grey BCM replica one. I like how the BCM style grip is angled slightly, feels good in hand. Just the Rackminus, I like to run light so never really run a PC. I love the Rackminus. I have a bunch of Tactical Tailor pouches(BFG Utility) on it and it's not that much heavier than my Haley D3 was. There is something cooler about setting up your own chest rig setup than using a already setup chest rig like the D3. (I still love the D3 but still). RE Factor had is super high quality, worth the price
  12. Chicago Airsoft Association OP: Ace of Spades Team pic (The Plastic Surgeons)
  13. First impressions on the stock TM M&P feel/looks. (Without Nova slide) Feels much more solid and less toy like than the VFC. The VFC feels like they used super cheap plastic on the frame. TM frame is a bit shiney but not something that matters to me. Comparing slides the VFC is actually slightly thicker and wider. Magazines seat firmly. Trademarks look better on VFC though. (Again, not something that will make me dislike the gun) Has the same issue the VFC has. Because airsoft slides are so light, sometimes when hitting the slide release my finger drags against the slide and it wont sl
  14. I have the Nova slide. The Detonator may have better paint for its price. Not sure.
  15. I used a Raven Concealment for my Cybergun and it did wear the finish a bit. I prefer Kydex over SERPAs, just worried it will wear is bad like some other guns I have had and used Kydex with. And if I went Kydex I would get a light mounted one. Raven also makes a Wolf Grey one to match my belt kit its going on. But looking at my Cybergun the wear is in a place the SERPA would still cover. Just figured maybe SERPAs where not as tight as Kydex though.
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