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  1. Naaah!! I would prefer a TM versus CA debate On the knee front, I destroyed one of mine a few years back.....on ski's! how much less pressure is there on your knees boarding, don't want another 4 years of pain, but cant wait to get back on the slopes
  2. Used my SOCOM in combat for the first time at longmore. I also took my upgraded m14 as well. In the shoulder I was so suprised how short it felt, yup it's actually a little shorter than the full size m14, but it felt 'very' short. It also feels more solid than the TM M14 which was also a suprise, may have something to do with the sandstone stock. In terms of feel, it was better than the way the G+G m14 and more so the G+G SOC16 feels when you shoulder it, which is nice as IMO the fell of the G+G is the only thing going for it. I was very suprised how well the forward mounted red dot
  3. What ammo are you using? At the weekend I used my SOCOM for the first time, it was simply awesome out of the box. It's not actually that much shorter than my full M14 but felt a lot shorter. Two other guy's also had their upgraded M14's there, and i was out ranging them with a stock SOCOM, and worse still my upgraded M14 was going even further. When we discussed ammo, they were running .2's and I wa running .25's. They couldn't hit a barn door past 30 meters but switched to .25's and things dramatically improved. If your range and acuracy is down, clean your barrel and switch t
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