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  1. I thought I would stick up some images of people I have had the pleasure and the pain of getting to know over the past few years. First one has known me all my life ever since I was a twinkle in his eye this Dave and he is the oldman. Apparently I was an escapee from a johnny but I think he has come to the conclusion that there is no going back now I am in my late twenties. Charlie AKA Guvnor. Image was at last years War & Peace show the merry go round was the only ride he was not afraid to ride until he got on it that is. Mark and his son Sam . Don't let the t
  2. Can you see this entry? If you can you can have a free Teabagging lessen from the oiled up guys at the club round the corner.
  3. Hi my name is Liger and I am a Tacoholic. OK just thought I would stick up a few bits about my self. I will use this blog that ArniesAirsoft has kindly let us all have to post up various Airsoft & Gear related views and reviews as well as a diary of my thoughts. See you on the Skirmish field. Liger
  4. I dropped you a PM (Marlowe) about a retail forum on the 16th but have not had a reply. Did you receive my PM? Cheers
  5. I would like to see some more photos. Do you have the Multi cam backpack yet http://www.ambushadventures.20uk.net/forum...y_1_17_3430.jpg
  6. Photo for GRIM! Is the mag OK in this one cheers for all the pics of your AIMS (and your MRS) made me order one, a AKM that is.
  7. AQMS

    Bits And Bobs

    Gear,Guns,The Team
  8. AQMS

    1911 Picture Thread

    TM 5.1 Safariland 6004 Tac Light Holster Blackhawk Mag Pouch G&G Tac Light CRKT Knife (On Holster) TSG Lanyard PGC Springfied Slide PGC Durable Loading Nozzle PGC Piston Head RCC Cylinder Valve Carom Custom Sear Nine Ball Hamer Spring Housing Nine Ball 6.03 Inner Barrel Nine Ball Three Hole Short Custom Trigger Nine Ball Hi Speed Recoil Spring Nine Ball Hammer Spring Nine Ball High Flow Mag Valve Have a look in my gallery (link in my sig)
  9. Thanks glad you like them just got a camera from the mrs for Xmas so i have been snapping away. The scope is an ACOG and the light is built into the for grip not mounted onto the barrel so i am stuck with the M500 Grip unless i want to fork out £400 for a surefire which i can't bring myself to do.
  10. No you just have to file it in a few places if you get one drop me a pm and i will take some picks of the inside of the for grip and send them to you.
  11. Enjoy! You can find the rest in My Gallery
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