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  1. SEAL setup. Just would like to get an AI map to finish it off, but thats probably a ways off. AI MBSS MLCS MBITR MLCS SAW MLCS Canteen MLCS Popflare Pantac MAP
  2. So what exactly is that vest mysl1? Looks AWSey to me but Im not really an expert in that area
  3. Sweet MBSS PC setup neil, I like what you've done with the antenna/comms setup there. Care to share the details on that? Here's mine Allied MBSS Eagle admin Eagle MBITR Eagle M4 Eagle 203 Pantac MAP Eagle popflare
  4. the condor 7 pocket from Evike, that is the on i have it is very effective

  5. buy the condor it is good i have one

  6. They must be the only people on earth to make a minivan look cool!
  7. metallica


    seal kit collection
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