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  1. Amazing! Where do you store the battery?
  2. Sweet paintjob, what kind of paint did you use?
  3. That Uzi is amazing, where did you get the realsteel parts from?
  4. Great paintjob, i just love that silencer But the gun, needs to look more "used" and "beat up"...
  5. Sounds great, have you testet the precision, on a upgraded weapon?
  6. Is the G&P ACOG worth the money? How is the adjustment sittings and the precision?
  7. Where did you get the funiture from? And was it hard to fit?
  8. Some of my older guns, new ones on the way
  9. Why was the battery in the front, a pain in the *albatross*? Is your FAL upgraded?
  10. I have to ask, how big of a battery can you fit in it? And is it upgraded in any way? Btw, sweet FAL
  11. My rig/gear is not issued gear, apart from the standart combat uniform, so i will not get arseraped
  12. It's not in production any more... sorry But there are alternatives. Combatkit makes some in m84. http://www.combatkit.net/products.php?g=40&page=5 inf-wear.dk http://www.shop.inf-wear.dk/default.php?cPath=23_46_48
  13. Yes Above: Danish T/99 desert and German W├╝stentarn Above: comparison of the T/78, M/84 and T/99 desert. German W├╝stentarn has: 13.3 % of green, 17.5 % of brown and 69.2 % tan Danish M/84: 30.8 % black, 60.3 % olive green and 8.9 % light green Danish T/99: 30.8 % brown, 60.3 % tan and 8.9 % green
  14. I have been a Royal Life Guard, and he's wearing the Service and not the combat uniform
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