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  1. It's a deact bulgarian PK that has been converted to airsoft.
  2. Latest loadout, something different then my soviet and russian stuff i usually do. Africa merc
  3. Nope, normal cyma one, all metal is still original cyma ^^ real steel covers only fit on realsword anyway. Got a real steel gasblock here though that i'll prolly put on it after some modding
  4. Cyma AKM with converted mag and real steel wood, just need lots of weathering on the body and change or modify the psitol grip.
  5. AK-103 wrong topcover tho, also note the correct russian trigger discipline
  6. Stock RS SVD with NSPU Got real steel wood here but have to find the time to mount it
  7. but the paint they use to paint their metal is really really ugly. It's more of a matt black/grey type. Instead of semi gloss black, it should be. Iternally they are super tho
  8. You could use quite abit of real steel parts on it. Fido's M70
  9. CA SVD comes in aluminium ... that's what gunner had on his site. The RS Svd feels like a real one. The full steel construction is strong as a rock.
  10. I buy east german bakelites for 15e each.
  11. prolly because the chinese "romanian" stock looks more like east german
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