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  1. Just spunked a f**load of cash on a night vision scope for some cheeky night-sniping in a couple of weeks...

    1. docs90


      What type Shmook ,, im looking now for some more nv


    2. shmook


      Sorry for the late reply bud, it's a pulsar n550 digital night scope. Got it for some airfin tatting too, bit will be testing it on my L96 on a night game this weekend. Will try to do a review when done, but will let you know how effective it is even if I don't, effective ranges etc.


      It seems ace though just playing with it at home, as good as the gen 2 stuff I've used, but nowhere near gen 3 :)

    3. shmook


      Airfin tatting means airgun ratting when I can't spell!

  2. is watching die hard 2 on film4. now he want a glock 7. its a porcelain gun, made in germany, and costs more than you make in a month...

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    2. shmook


      no. bruce willis was even shown with hair, and we all know that's incorrect...

    3. cazboab


      You all fail. the correct answer is "You'd be a surprised what I make in a month. "

    4. shmook


      if its more than a dollar ninety-eight, i'd be very surprised.

  3. the bandito 'tache is coming along nicely for Movember!

    1. faramon


      My own Movember addition looks so weak a kitten could lick it off .. how ever it being for a good cause I don't mind :D

    2. shmook




      i dont really like mine, usually just wear stubble, but as you said, its for a good cause. and it winds the missus up something rotten!

  4. is milliputting the *suitcase* out of his shotgun

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