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  1. I too have been inadvertently 'winter bulking' it seems. I am refusing to buy bigger work trousers, and use a belt to hold them shut as I can zip about 3/4 the way up and not fasten the button. I am doing this to shame myself to do something about it.
  2. Yeah, the cheap ones are terrible. Someone at work bought a couple and they ended up in the metal skip within a few minutes. The original I have seen torqued to some silly amounts and it worked as advertised. Good luck 🙂
  3. Is there room to get a gator socket in? They aren't much bigger than a standard size. https://www.google.com/search?q=gator+socket&client=ms-android-vf-gb-revc&prmd=sivn&sxsrf=ALeKk00zcbc3HaDIf34ZQq0mUUG2fVU7vw:1604840039396&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj1oOCD__LsAhUcRhUIHXeCClcQ_AUoAnoECB0QAg&biw=393&bih=727&dpr=2.75 I remember maybe 20-25 years ago my dad buying one when they had first come out here for a similar engine job and it was brilliant. Don't buy a cheap copy, the pins just twist out or shear because the whole thing is m
  4. Don't overthink it. Find a pistol that fits your hand and learn to shoot it. For me, it was a TM Sig 226. It's like an extension of my index finger, and I ran it for years. The 'holster' was something I wanted to keep it out of the dirt when I was on my belt buckle, and the best I found was a PLCE ammo pouch with the rear of the lid trimmed to accommodate the grip. Kept everything covered, including the mag release which I found got hit when prone with other holsters. Droplegs meant it dug up mud, and waist holsters got buried under my ghillie suit. Ignore Gucci kit, keep it simple.
  5. No idea on Airsoft clones any more (I used to run a clone M3 pistol light with an incandescent bulb, old school...) But for RCR123 batteries I'm happy with Olight. I have several nitecore 18650 batteries too, which are really good. The rechargeable 123 batteries tend to run down a lot faster than disposable ones though, so carry spares, and some can be slightly fatter in the body and may be a tighter fit.
  6. I don't think you can divorce within the first year of marriage. You can have it annulled, but that's if it hasn't been consummated. I think.
  7. I tried a few before I bought, and I chose the Sig 226r in a guarder full metal kit. I can't shoot glocks, the grip angle is wrong for me, but the Sig was an extension of my arm. Firefly hop and a tightbore gave it reach, and I never tried anything again as it was the perfect fit 😁
  8. Hedge, I've been through a medical negligence investigation and totally understand how you're feeling. If you persue it, it will take a while, and will be stressful for you both. Frustration will abound and you may not win if they close ranks and cover each others arses and alter records as happened with us. Not trying to put you off, and I say go for it and attack with full force. Jgot wood, ust giving a heads up. Also to avoid costs, try a no win, no fee firm as I'm guessing your barrister friend may not go all the way for free. I can pass on the firm we used if you want, they were
  9. If it's just dye, it wouldn't fall under section 5 as it would be an inert dye. Sketchy legal area though, like the marker gels you can buy, but this is also a replica firearm added in to the mix...
  10. You only get 1 pair of eyes, is it worth the gamble? Buy a properly rated pair, from a known source...
  11. Is this where the spam gets sent to die?
  12. Isn't a TM rebuild just a case of filing down the original bbu to fit the metal slide? Can't remember exactly as my guarder TM Sig was done for me...
  13. No worries. Another thing would be to buy a plug kit and do it yourself. I think they are about 10 or 15 quid, and at least you know there's a proper fix in it.
  14. The nerd and ex traffic cop in me says replace it. It could go at any time and cause a crash and you will kill many school children and nuns and fluffy bunnies and baby ducklings etc. It will probably be ok for a while, but should it fail an MOT you'll have to replace it anyway, sol if you can do, do so now. No idea what car it is, but a cheap ditchfinder tyre is better than a potential blowout. And if a traffic cop sees it, they will then crawl over your car looking for further defects...
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