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    I'm a Prussian Duke, you know...

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    sci fi - casual fan

    more beer

    dressing up in dpm and playing war, obviously!

    crawling on my belly in a ghillie suit for hours... then getting lit up by the unseen foe. curses!

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  1. shmook


    No worries, thanks for replying 🙂 Heavy enough then!
  2. shmook


    How's the weight on that? Looks heavy 🙂
  3. We used to have the odd night game in the snow. It was awesome!
  4. Bought my first pistol from him! Guarder-kitted marui sig 226. Still got it!
  5. Not seen stealthbomber or punky pink on here for years. The crappy build kid was called typewriter I think. They disappeared too, but I do recall the name popping up again, but I'm not sure if that was a different account with a similar username. Renegade cow is still here, and uses anything to build with. Usually magic and unicorn dust. Not seen candyman for years either, and don't remember dobey or crimson falcon.
  6. First game was August '07, I want to say I joined not long after, but I have a feeling it was January' 08. I was the same, refreshing all the time. This place was crazy busy. I remember spending an afternoon catching up on the party pad, and wondering if lord sex was a drug dealer to fund his SEALS fetish. Heady days indeed! Also, good to see you back and posting 😊
  7. Shall I send my bank details direct to you for this, or do I just turn up with cash? Thanks!
  8. I only browse on my phone, and it seems fine to me, both on WiFi and 4G 😁
  9. There was a time limit, I think it was around 20 minutes, on the last forum. I've edited posts since the upgrade though... Edit, see? 😂 😂
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