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  1. I got the uk version and stock its 6.03 as did 4 team mates , job lot tbh and there all the same .with an m100 its putting QUALITY BBS .25s past 70 yards arrucatly at 368fps give or take 1fps devience
  2. 6.03 iirc , im not chaging from this as ive found with years of messing with Bolt actions the tighter the barrel the more problems , 6.03 for me is the lowest id go anyway and why change something thats lick a tack driver anyway ,,this thing shoots great
  3. I must admit now i have had my Masada 6 weeks and used it twice in anger , i have to say the best AEG i have ever used or owned in the last 15 years ,keep your PTWS this this is awesome ,and after fingerbanging the AKM version at patrolbase yesterday i can see another version coming my way very soon
  4. Kac e3 with magpul goodness Also looking for another kingarms Knights upper for a 10.5" upper conversion
  5. Is Knackered , sennybridge uprising killed me 24 hours no sleep

  6. docs90

    $1K club.

    Username_Here i have to say after the 14 years ive been playing nothing screams best build quality like a Tanaka .so much better than almost everything else out there
  7. docs90

    $1K club.

    Ok ive added these on the sniper section but they have got to be worth another look Tanaka M700 aics pcs version £425 Tanaka bipod and adaptor £75 MTC viper 4-12-42 scope £229 Leupold comp 32mm rings £32 Internals king arms pax hop £70 Pdi 6.05 inner 555mm £65 Creation metal hop chamber £45 9 ball bucking £12 G+G powerpack for 4 mags £100 G+G silencer adaptor £25 ..milled to fit Sporting services muzzlebreak £50 .. got it cheap Total £1128 > not ive added t
  8. No plans to upgrade here yet ,shes trained in chemical warfare as it is ,top and tail so to speak
  9. Yep ,keep calling her a him but 2 hours sleep a night will do that to you
  10. Been a little hectic this week but this landed on my lap tuesday
  11. That long ... i was moist at Asahi
  12. Tanaka users stand and be counted Great review ,worthy of praise , tbh i love the LTR more and so does bitchtits now
  13. Because said little lost the lead for the camara and i had to use my phone ..sorry this wasnt to your liking Greg hush your mush , tanakas rule ,get down wif da kidz !
  14. My son last year getting in to mood He knows Tanakas am best gun
  15. Top trader; I would highly recommending dealing with...

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