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  1. Not posted in a while or taken a photo of something airsofty haha .. but I'm going again next week so I forked out and put together a WE M4 with the SRU precision kit
  2. I have a small set of this stuff (I like to not spam so thought I'd just share the best one ) as I did an apocalyptic shoot a few weekends back, the shotty in this is a sweet G&P I believe, done up, apocalyptic-a-fied and sweet to hold:
  3. Aww thanks dude, I'll try to put a post in the off topic area about photography at some point see if we can collect allt he info of th emany fine photographers on arnies
  4. *punches all of my camera, editing and lighting knowledge into your skull* Hahah though for reals if you want to know stuff I can point at a chunk of tutorials and blogs I used over the last few years.
  5. A trio of images, making use of my TM HK45: Making use of a cheap end M82 I purchased recently: anddddd .. something from like a while back jus tplaying with lights and my G5:
  6. I have a mighty need to buy a Scoot and Shoot Lee Enfield .. some one tell me if I am being crazy. Also hello.

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    2. faramon


      Ahhh donkey balls, I will see if they still use M70 and if they do may see if they can upgrade to a VSR at all as I thought it used to be a VSR inside?

    3. PureSilver


      TBH for what S&S are charging I'd be buying a deactivated SMLE and stripping it for bits.

    4. Hopna


      The Enfields on their site are supposed to be 'budget' versions. Maybe that has something to do with the M70 internals. I don't see any other versions on the site though, so I have no idea what a 'premium' version is supposed to be.

  7. I've been away .. but anyone know what I could expect to get for a real PEQ-2A?

  8. Wut Wut, question for the Portuguese lot .. are there any good sites near Lisbon / Sintra, my girlfriend lives down that way so trying to figure if I should wait for her to come here or go some where there.

  9. Mah Tokyo Marui HK45 ... love it so much
  10. I built this by going through my spare parts and bits I've just never used, I'm kinda pleased with the outcome though! G&P Zombie Killer Body + 7" Troy Rail
  11. Dis is one sexy Supressor .. I want one now.
  12. Yes! Much awesome! Two light setup on the bigger items? Something main and then a rim light off to the right?
  13. Despite my spammy nature I hate spamming our glorious image threads with my photography *suitcase* .. but anyone interested one more with my Car-15 ... this time some one feminine holding it xD http://faramon.deviantart.com/art/I-Found-This-532778914

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    2. -Drake-
    3. faramon


      I honestly felt like I did ... actually even on that link 2 guys got into a small discussion over it (though they were nice about it)


      DAMMIT Drake come to London and we will do a shoot together with HUMANS ok xDDDDD ;)

    4. -Drake-


      Maybe......one day.. =I

  14. I would accept hipstery xD ... I think juxtaposition is a great description of this, the styling is a fairly classic western fashion editing plus a bit more of my own touches. Thank you though I get what you're saying and take it as a compliment that you see it that way I've always had a plan of a project to do a mix of fashion and airsoft weaponry in non sexafied shots (Think weapon outfitters if youve seen his work but studio abs individual fashion styles based) This was a shot I did ages ago and so promptly hate xD .. but it was the first one in the series for the idea h
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