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  1. They were never opened before... and when I opened them up I couldn't find anything wrong (other than the jam). One thing to note is all my mags are set to Locap (30 bbs) via internal switch.
  2. I'm baffled by an issue with my PTS PMags. Buddy has been using my Sopmod and Pmags, and put G&G 0.28g in them. and in 2 days of training managed to jam 3 of them Pmags. Apparently, somehow a bb gets past the "double ball follower" in the magazine, or to the middle of it, and it doesn't move afterwards. Anyone experienced this before? I've been using Sopmods since they appeared and even gave the Pmags some good runs, using exclusively or almost Green Devil 0.25 Bio BBs. Never had this before. Ideas?
  3. I need to repair my old Sopmod, and might also thrown some extra stuff in - so I was wondering, is there a mosfet available for this yet / anymore?
  4. @SixtyNiner - I'm currently running a 7.4V 1100mah twin panel in the rail, and I'm looking to move to battery in the PEQ box, as this battery doesn't perform so well including in cold, and changing batteries is kinda difficult in the field.
  5. My rail is the VFC KAC URX-2. Looking to swap it for a Midwest Industries SS Gen 2 or a Madbul Noveske NSR. IIRC for the Moe pistol grips you'll have to use the metal base plate sold separately, the one that comes with the grip doesn't fit the motor properly.
  6. Some views of my customized Socom, again in the hands of a real life CT instructor: Yes, battery is in the rail.
  7. How hard would it be to rethread the receiver on a Sopmod for Real Steel rails? I'm thinking Midwest Industries gen 2 SS ... only Real Steel or PTW (Fight Club custom) available. The PTWs are real steel threading, right?
  8. Well, do you care about realism features such as bolt lock, having fun at each shot because of the recoil, and having real size magazines - that fit better in magazine pouches?
  9. Interesting color ... are you going for "The Jack" by BCM / HSP ?
  10. What muzzle velocity do you have in mind? I know my buddy dropped a Eagle 6 spring in his, I think a M100 or 110 but need to confirm with him IIRC he got 100 mps out of it with a 300mm Koba twist barrel, and replaced the gears (with the awesome Promy ones) as for some reason one of them stripped - but the failure was with the original spring.
  11. I think you just remove the weight from the buffer tube and - voila - no recoil.
  12. Where exactly in Afghanistan do you get EBBs!? I'm clearly on the "never use another non EBB AEG" bandwagon though right now I want to learn about the AK so due to lack of funds I got a Cyma AIMS (romanian AK). No EBB like Marui but what I lack even more is the need to charge the weapon after an empty mag What intrigues me most abotu the Marui System is that we have a lot of players around Romania that are clearly cos-players, spend thousands of dollars on RS systemas or VFCs or other top dollar AEGs, but never gave thought to owning a Marui EBB
  13. Out on Ehobby? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/tokyo-marui-hk416d-recoil-shock-aeg-black.html Interesting that they say "fully licensed by H&K"
  14. Nice! Have fun with it! A quick question - in your 3rd pic there's some sort of metal lid on the magazine?! whats that?
  15. Yeah, you're wrong The stock tube is different: 1) it screws in the lower receiver and encases the gearbox 2) it actually closes the gearbox air group - if you look inside it has an inner wall on which the spring guide sits. The Sopmod / Socom gearbox is not closed in the back 3) it holds the recoil weight and separates it from the gearbox air group
  16. Just to be clear, if you front wire the Sopmod you can change the stock to anything that doesn't come with a special buffer tube. So the F93 stock is still a no go and so is the Magpul UBR, but the latter could be adapted if you have access to some appropriate tools and can shape the original Sopmod buffer tube to what its needed.
  17. If you mean to fit inside the buffer tube then its a no go unless you remove the recoil weight which sits in there...
  18. elanaiba

    KJW M4

    If it doesn't go all the way back, does the bolt go? If not, how do you chamber a "round"?
  19. With a CQB-R (10.5") + small barrel extension like a Triple Tap muzzle brake you can fit a Tanio Koba 300mm widebore in it, getting good accuracy and losing a little fps in the process.
  20. @Honzo - I've tried that method a little bit since I had to wait quite a while for my URX tool after uncompany messing up my order. I'd say its possible but hard to get perfect results by that method and I wouldn't really trust them in a recoil weapon
  21. You have to use "the tool" cause otherwise - hand tightening the rail against the nut - its very hard to the rail tightened and aligned at the same time. In that sense I found the Larue style rail and the Daniel Defense clones much easier to mount as they only require a regular castle nut wrench, which is much smaller / cheaper / generally available. IIRC - not sure about the URX - all will require some sort of washers for the barrel nut to fix the barrel properly. One more pic I could find of my rifle, this time in the regular configuration, no 203 but also no flip to side magnifier. htt
  22. The only things I can find quickly from this years Berget, the extreme left and extreme right are Socoms. The one on the right is mine in the hands of a buddy of mine, with a 203 added for IR BAVS grenade purposes: hires might work here: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7271/7552770526_a5f8e04af0_k_d.jpg Also here https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/111184183929033612901/albums/5759165422996708865/5759166095820579026 Customization-wise I mounted a laylax 10.5" barrel plus a madbul 2" barrel extension + some clone of KAC triple tap muzzle brake. Externally this leads to a 12.5" barrel (
  23. No trouble except you need some sort of tool to tighten the rail nut with the upper rail installed...
  24. This is my old Socom from before I sold the upper. You can see the Madbull RIS II and the CTR stock. Buddy that bought the upper also had a MIAD grip installed (but used a separate metal grip end). I also tried a King Arms Larue rail (works very well) and the VFC URX 2 - also works, its on my current carbine but I don't have pics of it.
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