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  1. Ghostbuster's Proton Pack AEG from the 80's movie "Ghostbuster" - Base on Proton Pack plan by Stefan Otto and Proton wand plan by Sean Bishop - Version 1 gearbox, 225mm inner barrel, M249 hop -up chamber, 380 fps 25rps - Primary motorized magazine inside the pack (Synchronous Generator), secondary feed coil (Lonex flash mag) inside the proton wand - main battery located at the pack (Crank Generator) - All lighting effect working (Proton Wand, Cyclotron and Power cell) - Speaker and mp3 player at the pack (N-Filter) for sound effect For videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlLit
  2. Project SVT-40 AEG SVT-40 History : The Samozaryadnaya Vintovka Tokareva, Obrazets 1940 goda ("Tokarev Self-loading Rifle, Model of 1940", Russian: ???????????? ???????? ????????, ??????? 1940 ????) or SVT-40 is a Soviet semi-automatic battle rifle. The SVT-40 saw widespread service during and after World War II. Intended to be the new service rifle of the Soviet Red Army, production was disrupted by the German invasion in 1941 resulting in a change back to the older Mosin–Nagant bolt-action rifle for the duration of WWII. After the war new rifles were adopted by the Soviet Union, such as
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