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  1. Pictures taken by Jesse Ruuska
  2. Yeah peoples reactions to it are pretty priceless. They wary widely from "what the heck is that" to just "holy s##t that's beautiful". At 7,5kg without the magazine its significantly heavier than the m249 series guns and even heavier than the A&K PKM. The gun is very front heavy too so at the end of the game day my left arm was getting pretty tired of keeping the gun up.
  3. Actual gameplay action now of the RPD
  4. I made an RPD aeg with deactivated gun parts. Built thread here: http://www.red-alliance.net/forum/index.php?topic=28944.0 Shooting.
  5. Sorry for necro, but this is some updated info. Made a video review talking about the updated internals of this gun. The gearbox 2.2. A follow up video already uploading about piston compatibility.
  6. Cutting down spring is always a definate no-no, it will cause unbalanced strain on the spring which will eventually cause it to bend or break. There is a reason why spring ends are filed FLAT. Just use the springs designed for the gun, in this case eagle6 springs. And what comes to the dry firing, the piston practically always slams forward before the BB exits the barrel, its tested & true, so in theory the strain is a little higher on the gearbox when dry fired.
  7. Maekl

    $1K club.

    I had no choice, it was the only way to hide a battery of that size and shape properly. I dont like huge *albatross* battery pouches, and PEQ- boxes look ridiculous in that thing. ( I wouldn't have been able to fit the battery in those anyway) It looks cool IMO anyway. I like to make my guns look unique, in which I have succeeded in quite well.
  8. Maekl

    $1K club.

    I actually hit quite a few ppl there. Though you cant hear them shout hit because of the crappy mic. I discovered right after making that video how to edit the audio file so that the quiet sounds can be heard and the loud noises go down slightly. Anyway, I'm using a Dualsky 14,8V 30C 2100mAh pack..
  9. Coca cola treatment or photoshop?
  10. Just a close up macro video shoving the difference to the blue version. I'm running this piston at 52 rps atm no problem at all, so far over 3000 shots.
  11. Maekl

    $1K club.

    Everything you can see in this picture attached on the gun + the gun itseld and internals have cost about 918 euros in total which coverts to over 1300 dollars. 52rps/340fps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p8pNl5N4dI
  12. Cool paintjob mate. The pattern looks like zoomed away flectarn.
  13. Looks great! But not too cool that the gun does not feed the last 10 bb's or so because of the extra long feed ramp. But thats not a biggie to me. The hopup unit itself looks like a 100% sig55(0,1,2) type, but im not sure.
  14. There are quite a many other experienced techs who agrees with me. Its not just me and my "tiny little world". Wait what I dont even...? Did you miss my point entirely? Thats exactly what I'm talking about. Only thinkin the japanese market and perfecting the system to work in THEIR limits, not thinking about other countries and their limits. I would understand it if they only released it in Japan. Thats why some manufacturers release different versions of their guns for different country markets. Now that car metaphore is just silly and doesnt work here. This discussion has gone too
  15. It wouldnt be above its limits if TM would bother not designing them that way! Youre missing my point there.. Logic is to think logically based on scientific facts, instead of listening to just one or few persons experience and their point of view affected by their personal opinions of the subject. If I know the mechanical properties of the material, and see how its constructed its easy to create quite accurate predicion what kind of stress it can take. From the photos I can easily conclude that it's properties strenght wise are similar to a TM v2 and likely weaker. You cannot make me
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