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  1. Sorry for bumping such old topic, but... I have got problem with magazine - it's not drop-free. In fact it's difficult to insert too. Is it was discussed in this topic? How to fix this problem OR at least make it less tight.
  2. Cybergun license will not help here... The only one change they did (i guess) - new molding for left side of lower receiver (logo and text). And i think they used bad text and font (i guess). I think i can do MORE better, but... will see. =)
  3. I have got only one prototype and it was made manually. I have got only 2D CAD drawning. 3D cost more at begining stage.
  4. On this day your may only white in my thread that your are interested in adapter. Minimum amount if persons i need is 30. This is minimum amount for factory. Alternative way is 10 persons for just drawnings of adapter. Each person have to find the way to make it by yourself.
  5. Your may order it directly from KA. Your just need to know part number. Your may find part list in my thread about adapter. My thread about adapter is still on it's place: http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/216560-project-p90-aeg-metal-receiver-adapter-for-we-p90-tr-gbb/ I think i took only one pucture with Trijicon MRO replica, KA SP90 Supressor and and Triple Rail Receiver. I took it for a Trijicon MRO Review.
  6. I talk with Wii-Tech about my adapter for WE P90 GBB and they like idea, but too busy with TM M4A1 and M40A5... so this kind of "surgery" very special and very limited. If G&P do a great job with copy TM system and dimensions - it will work just like my King Arms upper. I can give your 99% guarantee.
  7. Nah... quality is too good.
  8. I didn't have problems with adjustments at 1 meter. Sight look's very funny (looking very low), but i hit center with no problems. Adjustment is a bit difficult, because sight come without adjustment tools. And yeah, need more tests and longer distance.
  9. I can't tell you about it for sure. I am not actual airsoft player, I am more gunsmith. I can build weapon just like on a picture, but i don't know how far bb will fly. But sight picture is clear and center-dot is so tiny... if you have problems with eyes you probably will not see it or will see it blury. At the same time, it's "optic with background" and since i done with Adapter i may write small review about this optic.
  10. I think KA is compatible with TM RedDot, but i don't have it for testing. It,s even have small cut inside for a switch.
  11. Finally, i am founded time and created topic for my P90 AEG Metal Receiver Adapter. Take a look, read, ask questions and comment. http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/216560-project-p90-aeg-metal-receiver-adapter-for-we-p90-tr-gbb/
  12. This P90 is so problematic! I fixed magazine leak by raplacing almost all o-rungs in output valve and on screws, but now it's start to double feed...
  13. Agree. I have sent message to admins about where i may create such topic (which part of Arnie forum), post pictures, some tech specs e.t.c. When i find place i will start topic and post link here, so we can move there. And i hope my next weeked will be workfree!
  14. I was extreamly busy at work last few days, so late news (but still!) about my adapter for everyone who was interesting. Main and most important thing - price. It's damn high for such adapter at my opinion (receiver itself, side rails, flash hider and scope NOT included) - if order 5 adapters from factory - price will be ~$190 (per one adapter and shipping excluded), if order 10 adapters from factory - price will be ~$150 (same, one adapter and excluded shipping). That way part will be fully made by machine and painted in black. Let me know what do your think about it?
  15. Hm, one more red dot version. He useing CA Upper, which is also metal. I am useing King Arms upper. CA uppers are great to make old replicas. Like Marui one, which have got HC-14-62 ring sight. P.S. I saw that man before, when he released L86 A2 LSW GBBR just after i assembled my version. =)
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