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  1. Yea. It's for the AKS-74u. I'll change out the lower handguard retainer soon. In any case I decided to re-do the barrel on my AK-74MN conversion. I was not really comfortable with the 2-piece barrel solution I came up with. So I ordered a WE AK PMC barrel and pinned the gas block. The AK PMC barrel is a tad too long so I'm going to chop the barrel a bit and find a 74 FSB with threads or buy a real steel one. Here's my WE rifles next to their real steel counterparts.
  2. Was there a "how to" on switching out the gas tube to achieve the proper handguard gap?
  3. Blue nozzle, chamber cracked.
  4. Anyone here having issues with the nozzle breaking?
  5. 3 out of 4 mags leaked when I got them. The silicone sealant fixed all the leaks.
  6. Quick update: I got the W&S fire selector fitted. I'm waiting on the PMC top cover to see if I can get a better fitment.
  7. I don't suppose anyone has measurements for a new one? :/
  8. So I was able to bore out the Cyma barrel and sleeve it over the portion of the WE barrel where the front sight used to be. I think I'm going to use a decent sized steel set screw combined with metal epoxy reinforcement.
  9. The front sight is straight it's just the lower handguard was canted for the picture. I'll ditch the "front sight thread" idea. I'll pick up some threading tools then.
  10. So what I'll end up doing is dremeling off the front sight, keeping only the threading and then I'll thread the Cyma barrel. It should fit under the handguard.
  11. One of my four mags leaks when inserted. However when I push it to the right, it stops. Any way fix?
  12. That's actually a good idea. I'll look into it. Thank you!
  13. I bought a Cyma AK-74MN and another WE AKS-74u I just need to adapt the WE hop-up chamber to the Cyma barrel. I have a WE AK PMC barrel and piston on the way, I may be able to use the PMC barrel instead.
  14. I got the Z-parts trigger group and I can definitely feel the difference. I have a Wii Tech adjustable steel trigger bar coming in tomorrow. I also fixed magazine insertion over-travel using some thick tape. It will going to its first skirmish in three days. :>
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