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  1. That's a Soviet PBF (aka gorilla mask) bag chap. Biscuit.
  2. So is it good to skirmish with? Just kidding! I've been very tempted by this since it was in the news section and I think you've helped me make up my mind, thanks for the review Grobut! Biscuit
  3. The AKs74 would only really been seen in use, in significant numbers, by insurgent types in Caucasus. You do however see the very odd one in pictures/videos from North Pakistan (Swat Valley for example). When the Soviets were in Afghanistan the Mujahideen fighters/Afghan gunsmiths would attach the stock and/or body of the AKs74 onto an AK47/AKM, these are commonly known as Cyber Pass AKs and these are often mistaken for AKs74's. These are seen in quiet a few pictures of insurgents. Hope that helps. Biscuit
  4. Great looking AK there enteryourusername, very similar to some of the early prototypes of the '47. Well done mate! WorldGuns.RU Biscuit
  5. It is a VVS 'Vintorez'. It is classed as a sniper weapon but operationally it is for pin point hits at normal rifle ranges as opposed to long range 'sniper' shots. http://world.guns.ru/sniper/sn20-e.htm Love the picture of the guy in the helicopter! Is that one of the RAF lot that they deployed in Basra? Biscuit #EDIT# always too slow to type a reply!!
  6. That is faded Russian Fed VSR (and damned fine it is too!) Biscuit #EDIT# sp
  7. Stealth1911 - that actually looks really good, has a nice 'guerilla workshop' vibe to it. #doths cap# mightyjebus - the real wood on your 74's...word's cannot describe!! Biscuit
  8. Various pictures from over the years
  9. Holding ppsh41 - completely incorrect for the period of uniform but a damn nice weapon all the same!
  10. Soviet Motor Rifles and T55: Uniform and kit used from 1969-1988
  11. I think ACSlym means that if you look at the trigger you can see that it is an airsoft Beryl (there are a number of telltale differences between real and airsoft Aks triggers). At least I hope that's what ACSlym meant! Hats off to you xxxFENCExxx, that is one bloomin' lovely gun! Biscuit
  12. You've answered your own question Rambo Kid! It is indeed a Romanian AKM. Biscuit #EDIT# sp
  13. Eversley yesturday (skirmishing in the rain is fun!) Biscuit
  14. Thanks for that, it'll be a very good price if its the case! Also as mightyjebus and PlasticMag have asked do you have any info on where we can actually purchse this?! Thanks again, Biscuit
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