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  1. It's by GB-Tech. Most of the HK shops have it. I probably got it from WGC. I think I may have done a review on it which should be around here somewhere. That was my backup plan. Mostly when I've used my WA in games before I was just screwing around with it, so I didn't mind going back to the car to refill. This weekend I intend to make proper use of the G&P. I have a specter gear pouch that fits this thing around here somewhere. Lots of cordura laying about my place atm as I search for this and that.
  2. I thought I would mention, since I finally bothered to try it, this little guy is good for two full WA mag fills (dry to splashing) plus a little extra: Now to find a spot for it on my rig...
  3. This is just using a bathroom scale mind you so only accurate to .5 lbs but here's the best comparison I can muster... My WA is configured identically to my RS, that being Troy CQB SPC style (basically carbine + vltor clubfoot + MRF-10 + troy battle sights + tango down covers and such), like in my sig. The WA doesn't have it's metal body yet but is rocking a steel OB. WA = 6.5 LBS, RS = 7. Subjectively, I can't tell them apart on hand-feel alone save for the grips (which is deliberate on my part). Balance, weight, I can't tell based on that.
  4. Did you get the RAS version? The normal version has an aluminum barrel and the RAS version has steel. The steel does make the balance feel more realistic. It is 90% of the reason I added a steel barrel to my WA, trying to get it to feel as much like my RS as possible. My AEG M4 had a steel barrel on it before I cannabalized it for parts to build up my WA, now it is back to the stock aluminum as the RIS I had to put on wouldn't work with my Guarder steel barrel. It's like night and day. I got the A4 with RAS thus I don't have to worry about it this time around. I held the normal A4
  5. I saw a second A4 when I bought mine. However I think they probably got them at more than the SC store, and who knows how many they have alloted for online sales too. Definitely worth giving them a call if you're concerned. They're open for another three hours.
  6. Hai Flo. Don't worry, both will be there in full effect.
  7. Inbound, ETA unknown. I noticed a few things with mag insertion which I'll cover in more detail later. But two pieces of advice I would give include the above, and also a light touch on the mag release may be needed at least until it breaks in a bit.
  8. Yes, on my A4. However it appears that they all have CQB length IBs regardless of outer barrel configuration. I do intend to get a longer IB in mine eventually but I do need to keep it around 400 to meet local field limits. Thanks for the info!
  9. Hit up SC AEX last night with a buddy of mine, we each walked out with one each. At least one other customer bought one last night while we were there too. They were getting a lot of attention. They had just gotten the shipment that afternoon and hadn't gone through and inventoried them yet. Initially we thought we were out of luck and would have to come back today since they weren't ready for sale. But, the guys there were nice enough to break 'em out for us right then and there. We just had to wait around for an hour or so while they unpacked them and did the count and such. As a r
  10. I tried a few realsteel parts I had laying around tonight: GG&G Ambi sling plate Fits pretty well though you can see in the pics the WA body's profile isn't quite correct. It works fine despite this however. RRA Ergo Grip Fit well, though it does not align perfectly with the body as you can see in the pic (look at the back and you will see there is slight overhang). It still feels fine. It's ruberized and nice and grippy. It came with a lower parts kit for one of my ARs, not sure why I never tried it out (it's been chilling in a parts box for a few years now).
  11. I examined them both before buying my Troy for my RS, basically I went with the Troy because I liked the finish (the Samson was kind of pink/purple in certain light?) and the markings better. Of course it was also partly because I was building a Troy CQB SPC. There was a small price difference in favor of the Samson at the time but that didn't stop me apparently, it must not have been that bad (not sure if that has changed at all). I was glad KA made their copies though, saved me having to buy another Troy when I made my CQB SPC AEG.
  12. Seems you're right, they do not. Mine is the 10" which would make it an MX. Been a while since I thought about it, still I'll choose to blame the late hour. Not dead, just resting my eyes.
  13. My thanks to those that have contributed to this thread, I am sure I am going to get full use out of the info found here down the road. I just picked up my WA M4 CQBR today and so far it's been a lot of fun. I harvested some accessories from my Troy SPC AEG project and its realsteel counterpart to tide me over until I decide exactly what I would like to do with it: WA M4 CQBR KA MRF-M KA Folding Battlesights TD Grip Plates Streamlight M3 VLTOR Clubfoot KA ARMs Lever Mount + AimPoint G&G SS-100 since it's the only thing I had in positive thread to extend
  14. One nice thing about the CA RAS is it looks more realisitic than the G&G. Although I don't think KAC actually made a C length version, only K and full size.
  15. FWIW the TM C rail looks fine with the CA body. It's not the same material as the TM body. Look at the pictures of my K and see for yourself. Plus, the detail on the TM sights is better than on the CA. If you're in the market and can find a TM rail I'd go for it.
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