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  1. I have this gun, and i have none of the problems you say above; the battery DOES fit in the upper reciever EASILY. As a result the cocking handle DOES move smoothly with a nice metallic CLANG as it closes. I have used many ak's and other airsoft guns, and i would say that this is probably the best chinese clone i have EVER used (within 5 mins of first playing with it, i had annihilated 5 of the enemy team, my teammates refusing to respawn because they were too busy enjoying watching me tagging them). The grips are nylon, the real deal, and it makes a big difference to the ABS you find on nor
  2. Vassily

    KJW M700

    probably too late to answer your question, from the linked review: "Hop up is compatible with TM VSR-10 buckings and barrels. This makes upgrading easier than other rifles (Tanaka, for example)" so just use VSR barrels
  3. damn cant edit; "Using .2s is a waste of time, .12s will do, but you have even less range. all my recent tests have been using .2." that makes no sense. basically .2s are a waste of money, since the cheaper .12s will do. but on reconsidering by the time your battery runs out you would have only fired a fraction of the number compared to a AEP that actually shoots when you hope it will...
  4. Since im overwise flatterned by swine flu, i might as well do a spot of pointless chairsofting. i got this gun about 4 years ago as a gift, it was my first introduction to airsoft, but i havent actually used it in a game yet. and for good reason! its in the electric pistols section because it only runs at 200fps and you can get outranged by anyone who can projectile vomit. Price this little package set the original buyer back £20 i beleve, its a definate low grade AEG, it was picked up in person from a store at the military odysey. im not sure if that makes it more or less expensive t
  5. i have had this gun for just under a year now, and it has never let me down. if you have to get one airsoft gun, get THIS gun. good review cost me £135, i got it from tom who runs elite action games site.
  6. wow u guys are serious, makes my megre ak collection look just that... my current pet project would be to knock up my CYMA ak to a RPK, i am open to any tips on making to gun feel heavy enough to feel like the real, ill be getting a metal body for it obviosly... the wood ill make myself. but i want this to be a realy good job, also, how can i best make the wood furniture and metal body look war scarred etc. i bow to the experts at this!
  7. hello mat welcome to arnies.... yest another shotgun person in airsoft community...

  8. Vassily

    my guns

    ummmm my guns.... cm.035 bar 10
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