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  1. all legal in your country fella so i think you'll get away with that.. good pic..
  2. cool thanks for that i was going to ask about reticule quality! i'll get saving!
  3. real or ACM Kobra sight? im after one for my AIMS thats all, ive seen the real thing go for about £150?
  4. got my AIMS yesterday, and skirmished it today, my first impression of it- seriously good bit of kit! ive used a Dboys ak74 before, but this is something else, i'd agree with what someone else said earlier, that the clones are ok, but the real thing is in a whole different league.. heavy, solid, very well finished, and got LOTS of admiring looks in the safe zone, and on the way into and back from games. onto how it shoots.. as quite a few guys found out today, this thing has RANGE! once the hop is set its shoots fast and flat- chronod at 350fps on the button, (bang on my site limit) and sho
  5. thankyou!! now sorted! have a
  6. why can i no longer view all the posts in a thread in one go? its really annoying having to open them one by one... is there something i can change in a settings page somewhere?
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