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    Several years ago!
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    G&P's (Commando, SF, SAM R), Kalash AKS 74U, Cyma .042, JG AUG A3, JG Thunder maul converted to SOPMOD. Several GBB pistols TM (Pimped out Springfield 1911, hicapa 5.1/4.3), WA SV infinity. Several sets of BDU, several CIRAS. SW panther/Cheetah.
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    East Timor
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    A dedicated airsofter! Who takes down, upgrade or downgrade my team mates AEG, delegated team airsmith(from a simple take down to full modification), review airsoft related products and post them to Airsoft forum sites.
  1. mamba17

    Videos Thread !

    My Son's First Game Free Fire Zone, Bulby Woods (31.08.14).
  2. mamba17

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Feels So Good..................Chuck Mangione!
  3. mamba17

    1911 Picture Thread

    Oh, and mamba: that's a really nice piece, but pleeease remove the picture with it in the MEU box, it ruins it all Just showing where it all started. But ya! I shouldn't have put it on the MEU box. @ everyone Thanks guys for appreciating a piece of art.
  4. mamba17

    1911 Picture Thread

    Highly Customized Springfield TM 1911 (MEU Base) Internals - LCT Barrel Bushing For Marui 1911 / MEU ( Type 2 / Stainless ) - LCT Recoil Spring Plug & Guide For Marui 1911 / MEU - KM Stainless Steel Hammer For Marui MEU ( Delta - Silver ) - Shooters Design Steel Chamber (S.A. 45 Auto) For Marui Hi Capa 5.1 Series ( SV ) - Shooters Design 5 Inch Steel Outer Barrel For Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 ( Straight ) - Guarder Enhanced Recoil/ Hammer Spring For MARUI MEU/M1911 ( 150% ) - Stock TM hop up Externals Specs. Tokyo Marui M1911 MEU - Tokyo Marui MEU 26 Rounds Magazine - Guarder Aluminum Slide & Frame For MARUI MEU.45 ( TRP , Aluminum Original ) - Nova Slide Stop For Marui 1911A1 ( Serrated - Stainless Steel ) - Nova Grip Safety For Marui 1911A1 ( SFA - Stainless Steel ) - Nova Magazine Catch For Marui 1911A1 ( Checkered - Stainless Steel ) - Nova Safety Lock For Marui 1911A1 ( King's Ambi - Stainles Steel ) Notes Started as TM 1911 MEU, Fires 300 FPS on winter and summer cybergun gas, fires 340-350FPS on Top Gas

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