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  1. You keep the shape of the helmet (if that's what you meant) with Crye's cover too. It's a segmented design.
  2. I think his is the replica cover designed for a MICH 2001.
  3. I got my OPS Core Contour mount in. While it will attach to the rails on my TMC AirFrame, it pops off without too much force applied; the helmet rails aren't rigid enough.
  4. Aha, hidden details come forth... I'll certainly report back once my Contour mount arrives. Mine did not.
  5. Balls. Well, I guess I'll be finding out soon enough.
  6. Why's that? I thought that it would at least hold my Contour... :\
  7. Most definitely. I'll be getting a Crye cover, and probably the rails for the real thing too, since the ones it includes are sort of cheap. I've got a mount for my Contour coming in right now, gonna get one of those goggle strap adapters too.
  8. LOL too true. I figured I'd see the announcement in this thread, haha.
  9. When did this happen? I didn't think they'd come out with one so soon!
  10. My good sir, what Airframe replica is this?
  11. Ah, thanks, I always wondered where to get one.
  12. Who makes that tan balaclava with the skull on it?
  13. I'd say so, that's about the level mine sits at.
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