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  1. crackisbad

    M14 Picture Thread

    I want that job!!!
  2. crackisbad

    M14 Picture Thread

    Yea, I usually like to play pretty fast and light so I can move around a lot (which usually translates to getting shot a whole bunch) but this might make that a little difficult... Maybe I'll just post up for some defense. EBR support turret?
  3. crackisbad

    M14 Picture Thread

    So I don't have a nice digital scale, but it looks like mine is about 8.5-9 lbs completely bare (no accessories, no mag, no battery)
  4. crackisbad

    M14 Picture Thread

    ^ What he said
  5. crackisbad

    M14 Picture Thread

    Lol, worlds cheapest eotech clone that i got like 5 years ago Just threw on some accessories i had laying around so it wouldn't be so bare BTW, TM style M14s have the hop up unit C clip further in so normal barrels wont work as the cuts in the barrel are too far out. However, i have seen some aftermarket barrels that have both cut outs but the majority do not.
  6. crackisbad

    M14 Picture Thread

    Heavy as a mother When i get back home I'll try to remember to weigh it if no one else has by then
  7. crackisbad

    M14 Picture Thread

    Speaking of: I've been after one of these for ever now so I am super excited! Its just a cyma but I love it so far! :D
  8. crackisbad

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Steve I like your style: I finally got some wood RS SVD grips and a wood stock so hopefully I will have an updated picture soon
  9. Who the hell spiked the water in the picture forums? It feels like every day its something <_<

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mirska


      Looks like i missed some good drama on the 1k thread.

    3. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      The 1k thread was the best seeing as it was the 1k thread.

    4. crackisbad


      yea, with the amount of drama going on here you'd think this is a forum for 15 year old girls :)

  10. crackisbad

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    A wild Mk18 appears! It uses confusion. Its super effective! But seriously guys, two pages of posts in a picture thread about whether out not a gun is on semi or safe? More pics, less petty arguments please.
  11. crackisbad

    Glock Picture Thread

    Unknown, I don't know what forums you frequented before, but this random, unprovoked attack on an other member is not condoned here. Learn how to be courteous
  12. crackisbad

    Glock Picture Thread

    That's what I thought, not really into grip reductions because of my large hands I have a MAGLOC on one of my Glocks and was thinking of getting this grip adapter for another so it is good to know it looks that good on a regular grip profile
  13. crackisbad

    Glock Picture Thread

    My OCD loves your perfectly lined stippling. A Lot. I really like the look of that; you didn't do a grip reduction, did you?
  14. Apostrophes denote possession, NOT plurality. Major pet peeve.

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    2. hawaiianjuggernaut


      So, what if I said I had "lot's of airsoft gun's"

      That make your head go WTFBOOF? JK

    3. crackisbad


      you know I have the power to ban you, right? :P

    4. hawaiianjuggernaut


      Hehe. Just kidding. I am a grammar nazi of sorts... Or so I have been told :D


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