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  1. QUOTE (my_plague_666 @ Jan 20 2009, 07:09 PM) good work but its not a kalashnikov Now U have some kalashnikov's (AKM, AKSU) and a little RPD (107 cm)
  2. Posted in AK guns, but they don't liked it Not finished yet, but Im close. Most of parts, are from real weapon. RPD with M249 gearbox.
  3. Yeah, but, there is no topic for Mr Dyktariev so...
  4. My RPD: Still lot to do, but the work is going on
  5. You are right. Without adjusting it- the GB of the M249 is to big, but... The receiver of the RPD is 35 mm large. The GB after cutting off the side parts will be 28-29 mm large- so it is ok (the dust cover is 28 mm wide inside) The lenght is ok, especially after cuting about 4-5 mm of the internal steel part of the original weapon. The main problem is the hight. After adjusting, the GB will be about 6-7 mm to high, but it s OK with me. The receiver will be just a little bit higher. I dont' have a chance to get a MP40 GB in Poland so it must to be that way. thx for the support
  6. Not really an AK, but it is russian RPD- under construction
  7. This is the AKM-L bipod ("Luna"= moon in russian). Was use, if i am corect with the nsp-2 scope (night vision) .Of course it came from real weapon and costed my about 30 $. It serve very well as a front grip when you hide the legs inside. After closing its goes under the barrel.
  8. One of my babys BEFORE:(cyma028)- AFTER (most of part from real weapon+some of cyma, vfc, boys)
  9. absolutly right, however I can't buy a cobra for 350 $ (for now )- i hope my wife don't read this. This 56mm is for target shooting. Killing the realism- certainly. But looks and shoots great
  10. PK-AS? Cobra? I hate you spb:) Nice !
  11. Fit to the AKSU. Look uncommun but work great. It 's 2,5 x magnif. so for airsoft is perfect. But with a drum mag it weight 5+kg??
  12. Nope- home made (don't ask who did it- I am the third owner). And yes it works as a silencer. ps. the "AKM" is a CYMA0.28 on original parts (real weapon)
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