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  1. Nice weap, but what's with the iphone show and tell?!
  2. I've never met one that wasn't...guess my time in the armoury was kinda colt m4 / 16-a1 focused...
  3. haha, I didn't quite read, just assumed it was a gas tube.. which are "bent"
  4. haha... never had a m4 before? they are supposed to be
  5. The simple fact is the UBR was designed for real steel cheek weld and really only that. Since this isn't even remotely necessary in airsoft the functionality of a fixed and non-moving cheek weld, ensuring unchanged eye relief, and sustained accuracy is completely lost to us air-softers, unless you go w/ it for real steel too and you use airsoft as a cheap way to better your CQB combat skills. Form is unrivaled. I think I stared at the first picture of a UBR for a good minute in awe of it. On topic: jdizzle very nice cqb, simple and smoothe
  6. Cool group guys lone_bullet: How about some US N A V Y propaganda then!?
  7. knoch the threads down a bit ( take the sharp edge off the top slowly until you can start to work the two pieces together. It took me two full nights of fiddling, grinding, screwing, grinding, fiddling to get it to work. It's not fun, you'll breath in airborne aluminum and paint, cut your fingers, nic your upper and get really frustrated but BOY am I glad I did. NOTE: IMPORTANT: Do this to both pieces simultaneously or you'll take too much from the upper/RAS and it will fail. NOTE TWO: Do NOT, NOT, NOT grip your upper around the ejection port. 90% chance you will snap it off. I di
  8. read up a post or two I just answered that one. (dremel-scary, but nessesary)
  9. like it alot! Got anymore pics of that body? I'd suggest that you black out the wires inside the grip. Loving the Ace stock. Does the Noveske FS actually "magnifiy" the sound as they claim?
  10. They are OD. (ebaybanned only carries one color, they would have been FDE but I saved $30+ just getting the OD ones. Her ein the UK it never gets sunny so it's hard to get good naturally lighted pics. You really do get a lot more grip (plus they really do look Bas *albatross*), I haven't skirmed with them yet but just from feel and trying out some mag change drills I know they are going on ALL my RS PMAGs when I get more in. I had just two panels on some to start and while that's really all you need they look strange IMO without all the panels filled.
  11. I "modified"(read dremeled) the upper. (it is a G&P upper good call). It certainly was a pain in the *albatross* and the next upper is either going to be a VLtor or Magpul PTS body which will not require the asian-fitting. I just got these to go with it... it's a bit of magazine BLING.
  12. I hate you to the end of time for getting a UBR on your AEG before I got a chance.
  13. I feel you PAIN...I've been waiting so long to get one for my RS that making the order for 1 and not 2 is going to be VERY hard if not impossible. Also your rifle makes every other rifle in here look shabby and ######. My rifle want's to be like your someday...(next week)...but it's going to be it's darker evil cousin.
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