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  1. No, is a standard short motor.
  2. The mold lines are just a minor detail. General look of this gun is great.
  3. My Masada arrived 2 days ago from Redwolf Airsoft. Black, S/N 02517 1 washer (C22). In this link you can find pics of my gun (around 90) with many close ups. http://img194.imageshack.us/g/img9828wp.jpg/
  4. The King Arms nozzle works fine, nice airseal. The piston is a CA reinforced with full metal teeth. Some modification is required (first tooth and some edges).
  5. Replacements, nothing special. CA Torque Up Motor Shooter (Ares) Ventilated Piston head with bearings King Arms Nozzle (M4A1/M16A2) G&G Cold Resistant Hop up Bucking CA Piston No upgrades. Stock spring with a 11.1v lipo.
  6. Piston broke yesterday This is the list of replaced parts in my tavor: Motor (original died) Piston head (I put a head with bearings to reduce tension) Nozzle (leaking air) Hop up rubber (pierced by the "nub") Piston (broke because of the rof... maybe) I think those are the 5 parts that everyone is going to change in this gun sooner or later.
  7. I think my motor died because of the battery (11.1v) and because I use to shoot in semi more than in full auto. I didn't shoot more than 3000 bbs with the gun before the sudden death. The motor failure is not a big problem. I was planning to change it before I bought the tavor, like also the nozzle and hopup rubber. Anyway I wasn't waiting to replace that important part so soon. The ICS turbo 3000 (now installed in the tar21) completed almost 2 years in my AK working perfectly with a 11.1V Lipo, so I'm not sure about the quality of the Ares tavor's stock motor, especially after faili
  8. This Monday I installed a M120 in mine and chronoed 398fps, just below the limit for assault guns in my country (400fps)
  9. Guess what… my motor died. I had to put an ICS Turbo 3000 borrowed from my AKS74U. It Works fine, but is too fast. Now shoots 2 rounds in semi I'm going to test ROF tomorrow. Also I replaced the stock hop up rubber with a G&G green one after the stock rubber was torn by the "spacer" Yes, a non ported cylinder.
  10. Ares Tavor Dark Earth with a micro Aimpoint
  11. I think you're talking about the Ares mag The only mag I have that doesn't fall immediately when the mag release is pressed is the one that comes with the gun. But if I use a Dboys, JP, MAG, for example, they all fall without any resistance. The Ares mag fits tight in the magwell and the others don't.
  12. Nop. I shoot more in semi than in full auto and until now I haven't had any problem, perhaps because I always pull the trigger all the way back. In this case, a long way back .
  13. I Skirmished my tavor DE yesterday too. Is a great gun. FPS 1. 365.2 2. 366.6 3. 365.2 4. 365.4 5. 363.6 6. 365.9 7. 364.8 Very consistent FPS with 0.2g ICS bbs. 1399 RPM (23.3 rounds per second) with a 11.1 Lipo (and a frightening sound if you are in front ) Great range and accuracy. I had to aim low too, but not much. And yes, same issue with mag release. Mag fell 2 times during the game. I'm going to cut an AEG spring and put behind the mag release. I'm really happy with my tavor.
  14. Sure (I don't know if that's right name in english) Mine too.
  15. The barrel in mine is fixed in place like the CTAR. This way below the front end of the upper rail. And the other support is below the rear sight. But I have no lateral movement at all (side to side, up or down) and no twist. This is the further I'm going to disassemble the gun. If it works don't fix it…….. in this case don't open it. I think Ares improved some parts of the gun, according with other CTAR reviews I saw on the net. For example the wiring is not soldered directly to the motor, now is plugged and the motor section is
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