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  1. You gotta be kidding me, stop with these superfluous threads
  2. well, it was closed by one mod and opened again by another.
  3. okay then, here is my flash hider, its just like almost every other m16/m4 flash hider
  4. very nice, why would you need so many sniper rifles though?
  5. just painted this. First time I have painted a gun. I think it looks kick *albatross*. go here to view it.
  6. sadly, my desert eagle is no longer with me , I sold it to get money for an aeg, I really didnt want to sell it, but I needed an aeg to compeat with my freinds. life sucks sometimes
  7. also, here is me with my deagle, I look like freaken luke skywalker, need to get a haircut.
  8. Great idea, had to do this cause desert eagles are so awsome.
  9. Its not spam, this damn thread is spam. I never said texas was dumb, I said BUSH is dumb.
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