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  1. it was for an old op, that had police officers in it. the role was played, and they were needed haha.
  2. a few raritys on the wall.. one of 25 limited dg aks74u's a sidewinder.. runs of hpa 110 bb's per second.. for law enforecement and military only.. lol also an old school aeg up there with an old school aeg systema body lol. under the gun rack is also nothing but floor cabnets.. all full with spare/brand new parts. sorry for the mess guys lol. i just throw that stuff in there. pvs14 with ops core. and plates. i got about 15 other rifles in gun bags. about 30 pistols in cases lol fully built. and a full crye precision multicam loadout. (Chassis, etc.. multip
  3. Your saying 230 feet, you do know the maximum shots I've ever seen with guns is around 250-300 the longest ever was with a APS2.. And after that was a Asashi M60 with LRB shooting people a whole football field (300 feet) So your saying you can make 230 feet with your setup but I cannot with mine? What's up with people these days. Doesn't mean that you couldn't find the right set up, doesn't mean I couldn't with this setup. I'm done with arguing on the Internet there's no point in all, I was just claiming. Don't get your little panties in a bunch now, this is all just a sport, and th
  4. Believe what you want, I'll just probably end up making a video too show how good it shoots. A gimmick? Really? Even if you don't believe it, or wanna see how well they actually work. Buy a $25 dollar pistol one and put it in there, and see how good they work and how much it'll improve your accuracy. In a tightbore the BB's bounce around in the barrel, hence why they produce tighter bores 6.03 6.02 etc. The Twist barrels are riffled. Not putting a "spin on the barrel" but too put a cushion of air around the bb causing a bb to not bounce around in the barrel and causing a stabl
  5. Firefly bucking with H nub. And I can't remember the company of the hopup. Maybe G&P I usually use .25's or .28's
  6. Ha, then you haven't been against a twist barrel. He had the whole setup barrel spacers, zero trigger extended barrel and silencer. Twist barrels are amazing, you have no idea.
  7. Well I can't really say, as it was just built not too long ago. But it was out reaching a Marui GSPEC and a echo one sniper rifle shooting 500 with a tightbore. The maximum fps you can use with the TK twist barrels is 350 though.
  8. Yea, there's a 509 MM TK twist barrel. I'm only shooting 330 FPS but shooting farther and just as accurate as a Tokyo Marui GSPEC shooting 550 That's the magic of the twist barrel. Range/ High speed setup.
  9. Actually alot of them brake or were just taken out. I'm looking for a red dot replacement to slide right into the upper. But you gotta remember. These guns are old. Most could have simply just been lost or something. The P90 by toytech was created in 1992. Oh and btw. The silencer Is also a pretty rare peice.
  10. This is my FN..;] its a P90 but we can call it... the 'LawnMower" becuase thats how loud it is.. but anyways.. its a toytech. Toytech silencer (with a knob that slides open vents or closes em. Makes it louder or quieter. And a SCS hop and barrel for it.. (RARE) Adjustable rof.
  11. He was correct it was tilted up. Just a bit I un latched the supressor so the trades would be facing the camera. So it was able to tilt up becuase of that. And yes the gun is really long 43 inches in length
  12. My baby, pictures taken with IPHONE 4 :]
  13. maybe its rare? i myself have never seen one with the Knights symbol on it, pretty nifty.
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