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  1. RUSHER2

    FN Picture Thread

    Actually alot of them brake or were just taken out. I'm looking for a red dot replacement to slide right into the upper. But you gotta remember. These guns are old. Most could have simply just been lost or something. The P90 by toytech was created in 1992. Oh and btw. The silencer Is also a pretty rare peice.
  2. RUSHER2

    FN Picture Thread

    This is my FN..;] its a P90 but we can call it... the 'LawnMower" becuase thats how loud it is.. but anyways.. its a toytech. Toytech silencer (with a knob that slides open vents or closes em. Makes it louder or quieter. And a SCS hop and barrel for it.. (RARE) Adjustable rof.
  3. RUSHER2

    Glock Picture Thread

    Those arent the RS kits they are from ebaybanned. http://www.ebairsoft.com/aabb-style-glock-carbine-conversion-p-3416.html http://www.ebairsoft.com/aabb-style-glock-carbine-conversion-p-3434.html
  4. RUSHER2

    FN Picture Thread

    Socom Gear/ WE are the same company. WE's and socom gears pistols are complete clones of the TM system. "i want a good company to come out with one? what? Tm is BYFAR the best stock system out there..
  5. RUSHER2

    Artistic Airsoft

    One of the most beautiful guns conceived :] aha. Also this pic of me is also in the newest edition of airsoft international :] cheers'
  6. RUSHER2

    Pics of your Gear

    Its great, i go up there every weekend 3 hour drive. Its fun and i really like the field. The owner, is actually one of my fathers best friends so i help build the field and give him my advice on it. Its really big and you get alot of more of the serious mil-sim guys not a bunch of kids up there, thats why i like it. its fun, you should check out the website, and randy the guy who runs the field is a really nice guy, he also owns "bring it on" which is a local airsoft/paintball store pretty close to it also.
  7. RUSHER2

    Glock Picture Thread

    Nevermind the question about the glock 19 slide. But the glock 18c slide is the real slide whited out or are the trades all black? And I like Matt black finish not the shiney slides. So what would be a good slide to get ?
  8. RUSHER2

    Glock Picture Thread

    Guys I recently got into the glock scene I have a older kwa glock 19 with. Matt black lower and Katy black/blue slide can anyone tell me who could possibaly make this slide? And I also have a G18c and I need to know what's a accurate traded G18c with a Matt black finish? And I need to know where I can find a Traded glock 19 lower.
  9. RUSHER2

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    thought you guys might enjoy this. mossberg 500 real steel. with madbull bb shells :]
  10. RUSHER2

    SIG Picture Thread

    Picked up a $20 dollar guarder P226 Railed full metal kit a long time ago never realy got around to finishing it :] it had alot of stuff like the Blowback unit,Trigger and everything,hammer and all the other stuff but was missing all the springs and scews. So i picked up a $70 dollar marui chrome p226 for the doner gun. The guarder kit the slide was in bad bad shape. the frame was in good condition. So i decided to paint the Frame and Slide tan! When the doner gun arrives ima transfer all the parts and ill get pics when its finished! also this is my first sig ever ! So ima have a $90 dollar guarder 226 with a marui base gun
  11. RUSHER2

    WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

    The reason why the AGM kicks so hard is that the bolt is lighter and the best reason is that the buffer shock is a cheapie but very sturdy and VERY VERY LIGHT. and the buffer tube spring is very strong and also the hammer spring is very very hard alot stronger feeling than the airsoft surgeon ones i have felt and thats a good thing. Ive messed around with both the WA system and WE system, the WA system takes more time and parts but that stopped when the agm came out you guys are like its junk it doesnt work right! well its actualy a good good gun and the only thing that needs to be changed is the hop-up, and if that all it takes for more recoil and a realistic bolt in the WA system im down.
  12. RUSHER2

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Well i was running a very light pmc set up here with the good old escort :] not much people see escorts were i play so they were all shocked and they kept there heads down when i pulled the trigger very scary sounding lol eww sowing machines! well :] wish i could have been wearing my multicam combat pants and full loadout!
  13. RUSHER2

    Glock Picture Thread

    does this count?
  14. RUSHER2

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Hmm i say dont go for it? becuase if your asking people on a forum you clearly havent made up your mind yet? if you did it id think you would regret it.

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