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  1. Adiventure

    Tactical Footwear Picture Thread

    But it's even got black buckles... On topic: I'm thinking about getting a pair of Merrell sneakers, and thought you guys might have some advice. Basically the choice is between the Maob ventilator/gore-tex, and the Chameleon series (probably the stretch). Any input? I've had one of the much older Chameleons sets for the last few years, but they've worn down to the point that I need pair, I could just get a new set of those, but I'm also interested in some of the other options.
  2. Adiventure

    Pics of your Gear

    Is that the Schampa balaclava, or the gaiter?
  3. Adiventure

    Tactical Footwear Picture Thread

    [quote name='REVOA4' date='Nov 1 2009, 12:57 PM' post='2210926' I've got a pair of those, very comfortable, but I found a bet meh quality wise. Lasted I think a bit less than a year before developing a small hole on the top near the toes, and the rubber peeled back a bit on the tip of the other one. That being said, besides those problems they have lasted well, and continued to be generally nice comfortable shoes.
  4. Adiventure

    Pics of your Gear

    How do they deal with wet conditions? I've been looking for some dexterous breathable gloves for hiking, as my last set ended up like wearing blocks of ice on my hands whenever they got damp.
  5. Adiventure

    1911 Picture Thread

    Well, I think it depends on one's dremel skill. It is some major shape changing going on, but I think it is pretty much limited to removal of stuff on the bottom. With a file, and the right dremel tip you should be able to do it, it will just be a fair bit of work. I've only seen one or two people who have actually bothered, but you should be able to find the pictures in this thread, or in the handgun forum.
  6. Adiventure

    Tactical Footwear Picture Thread

    Any specifics with those? (how do they run, whats the support like, break-in etc) I'm in the market for a light hiking boot, and I've loved the Keen sandals I've worn for the last two years.
  7. Adiventure

    Tactical Footwear Picture Thread

    Just to further add to the size issue, all the advice I have had from my local EMS, has been that you want one size up for better actual fit with shoes. Now it may be different with different widths, but thats what I know.
  8. Adiventure

    Tactical Footwear Picture Thread

    I'll agree on the recomendation to use super feet. I've used them in my last two heavy backpacking boots (La Sportivas, and Merrels are the current ones), and they have done wonders for comfort and support. Can't imagine using anything else at this point. The orange ones are great, they lack some of the cushioning of the other styles, but they are by far the best in terms of support if you plan to be walking far, or doing heavy/technical hiking.
  9. Adiventure

    1911 Picture Thread

    I get exactly what you mean, I had made a thread about it when I first got my MEU, and the general opinion was that it was an incredibly stupid idea with too much work and radioactive materials XD. That being said, I completely get wanting to have a gunwith everything, I've been considering trying to drill holes and just glue a tritium vial into that, so it intrests me to see that you've accomplished the mod yourself. Please keep me updated if you get an appropriate front post.
  10. Adiventure

    1911 Picture Thread

    Any pictures or advice on modding real novak sights? I would love to put some on my MEU.
  11. Adiventure

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    That looks really nice. What silencer is that a model of, and where can I get one?
  12. Adiventure


    Testing 123

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