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  1. Cool beans. I'm gonna sit on it then, if it's still for sale when I actually have 100bucks to spend I'll snap it up. Now on the electric ones, as in generic non blowback electric, does anyone know if it's simple to place a body pin in the cosmetic "pin" spot behind the selector? I gather the Ares uses one there, but I'm not sure if it's clear space there on the TM spec ones. I wouldn't be opposed to switching to an Ares, but frankly I always assumed they were gimmicky and failure prone.
  2. so I've pretty much ignored the whole ebb and gbb thing, but now I'm thinking about getting one (maybe the WE) any considerations? I don't know if there is one thats better, or if early models suck or anything. At the same time I might as well ask, is there anything going on with the electric ones (blowback or not) that really merits checking out? Amazing bodies or nonstandard internals or the like. Thqnks, I've been kinda out of touch with this all for a bit.
  3. It came out alright I think, and should have enough room for the 3 missing things (I think). I put the aeg a little lower than I wanted too which is why the handguard is tilted. When I test fit it with a second one it looked really really cluttered when flat. I dropped the pistol grip and am undecided on the accessories. We'll see.
  4. Still hoping someone can get some sizes for me. I think I'm fine carry handle wise, but I can't don much more than guess about the AG36. I think I side on shot with something for scale would work.
  5. Nicely done! The prices of the airsoft G36 accessories seem crazy to me. I can't remember exactly what I paid for my rs KSK rail, but it was definitely under 200 and possibly under 100. How exactly the airsoft makers using worse materials in higher production quantities charge more, who knows. Also, I think I got it: As someone guessed the case is storage and transport (honestly it is big enough that I have easier ways of transporting too >.>). I know it is not perfect, but I think that layout is pretty good and clean. I need to straighten up a few pieces, and I'm not set on t
  6. There are some really nice ones in here. Any chance of any G36s in cases? I'm trying to plot how to arrange mine.
  7. Anyone got any pics of a G36 in a hardcase? I'm trying to plan out how I'm fitting mine in my 1750 but it seems less than perfect. This is what I've got right now: I don't have quite everything I want, but figure the bottom C handguard is actually a K RAS, and I think there is room in the top left for a optic handguard. I currently can't see anyway to reasonably fit an AG36 in there, any advise?
  8. As said, you shouldn't have any trouble fitting stocks handguards and rails across the different airsoft g36s, but RS parts are a bit trickier. I've never tried a hand guard, thou I've heard it's fairly easy, but stocks take a fair bit of dremeling and some inventive modding, and carry handles take a little drilling, and if you want it to look right, a little sawing. You can see most of the process I went through to fit a RS stock on the first page of this thread.
  9. To me? I could use some kit that went with my G36 Thats sad though man, are you getting out, or just trimming down the collection?
  10. Do you mind me asking how much underneath all the electronics?
  11. I Is owning thermal illegal? I thought it was just stupidly expensive.
  12. But it's even got black buckles... On topic: I'm thinking about getting a pair of Merrell sneakers, and thought you guys might have some advice. Basically the choice is between the Maob ventilator/gore-tex, and the Chameleon series (probably the stretch). Any input? I've had one of the much older Chameleons sets for the last few years, but they've worn down to the point that I need pair, I could just get a new set of those, but I'm also interested in some of the other options.
  13. Thanks. That would be an Adventure Lights VIP IR/Green beacon. Mine has three modes: IR flash, Green on, IR on, I wanted a slightly different one, but with so many sites claiming restrictions on sale I got what I could. Anyway, I like it a lot more than what I've heard about the clone, it is claimed to be bomb proof, able to survive massive temp changes, and I think waterproof to 100M.
  14. Didn't get the headlamp in on this picture, maybe next time.
  15. My guess is it has to do a bit with UK retailers switching dollar and pound signs
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