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  1. Prev

    VFC HK417 GBBR

    Right, where am I today with my 417. Well after installing the 420mm 6.03 barrel it has been running great. No jams of yet, but still getting issues with the bolt bounce. Where did you get the uprated spring and buffer tube?
  2. Prev

    VFC HK417 GBBR

    Bada Bing I will await your testing. In the mean time i'm going to swap out the 6.01 barrel I have, for the 6.03 barrel that's just turned up. I'm also going to install the npas system. Here's a pic of me and my 417 at the Gunman 2015 weekender.
  3. Prev

    VFC HK417 GBBR

    Yeah that's exactly what I was/am after. Sorry for the cyptic message. Well after playing the whole weekend on the 417 i've got some work to do. Below is a list of issues. 1. Range: It's inconsistant, one round will go 50-60m's then next it will be going 20-30m's. I suspect this is connected to some of the issues listed further down. 2. Accuracy: Overal it seem's good. Most rounds go where the barrel is pointing. I did have some issues, one where a guy who was stood 10m's in front maybe 2-3m's to my left got shot by me even tho I was aimed straight in front of me. The rifle was down on the ground and I wasn't moving. Now thats a flyer and a half. 3. Feeding issues. When going to hop it in I went to stick the hopup key in the hole and noooooo. It's filled to the brim with plastic. From what I can tell bb's are either getting smashed at force in to this area on the cup or they are getting a shave when they get fed in to the hopup/barrel area. Currently I have a 6.01 barrell installed, i'm going to put the NPAS in and a 6.03 barrel to see if the range is more consistant and stop the occasional roller I get. Also need to try and figer out why bb's are being smashed up inside.
  4. Prev

    VFC HK417 GBBR

    Well after reseating the bucking I have finally sorted the jamming issue. Currently just breaking it all in, i'm hoping the range will improve over time as currently it's going about 30-40m's. I've ordered the npas bolt/nozzel. Anything else anyone recommends that i've forgotten about? Also anyone know where I can get a fully auto lock out sear from?
  5. Prev

    VFC HK417 GBBR

    Since building mine it hasn't worked. First problem was after putting everything back together the bucking decided to go in to a tear drop shape which jammed every shot. Sorted that out and now it's just jamming in a different place. Was trying to use the nurpol .40g bb's. But since there unpolished the 417 said NOPE and jammed. So going to try some madbull .30's. I really want it to work but it's not really inspiring much hope so far. Was hoping to use it at the GI Weekender at the end of the month. Don't think that's happening.
  6. Prev

    VFC HK417 GBBR

    Not sure how number 1 slipped in as a question. As you said it was totally up to me and just added so people knew why I was going for the 410mm barrel. Pain in the a$$ to find one of the 16" front end's in stock, tried bunny workshop, scopeandlaser and wgc who all said they had it in stock. Once I ordered I then got an email saying they didn't have it. In the end I paid a little bit more but got some great service from airsoft area in Switzerland. In the end due to time constraints I went for a RA Tech 6.01 barrel 410mm inner. Also picked up a Maple Leaf Monster 75degree hop. Couldn't work out the difference between ML monster and diamond. So since i've been living off cans of monster energy since the birth of my little lad a week or so ago my logic said monster. Well if I find any in stock I will post a link on here so others can order. Will check the nozzle. The rifle has been sat in my local shop since last year so not holding out much hope for the npas system. Will change out the O-Ring and see what results I find. Cheers for your help
  7. Prev

    VFC HK417 GBBR

    Afternoon all. So I went and bought myself a 417. Now I've got to get it working spot on. I've read through this thread a few times and have so far listed a few things I won't/need. 1. 16" recon kit. 2. 410mm tight bore barrel. Any preference on make? I'm looking at a 6.03. 3. 75degree maple leaf bucking. 4. A plus valves. Seen that they drop power down quite a bit. I'm not bothered on the mpg as I will bomb up and gas every time and since I'm building this in to a DMR I'm steering away from these. What's other people real world views? 5. The newer NPAS nozzle. Anything else that I have missed? Hop up rubber, different O rings?

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