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  1. Tape and spraypaint, actually. But thank you. Im gonna get better pictures up soon. Thanks for the compliment!
  2. taken with a phone camera....looks about ten times better in person. the khaki areas are blended with light green, for a multicam effect. its my first effort, done for a customer. Constructive criticism is welcome.
  3. hi there, im posting this here because my phone will not let me send you a pm (stupid phone). i read you tm mp5k sale thread and im interested in putting a 12v battery into mine. do you have a diagram of the battery configuration i would need? any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks.

  4. there's a group of guys at this site who have all painted their p90's in ridiculous themes. One, which people have probably seen before is the pink "hello kitty" p90, there's also a ghostbusters p90 (which you can see at the very end of the last video recorded at the site ) and now a Power Rangers P90. I dont know, its not my thing but theyre nice guys and if that's what gives them their kicks....our brit buddies would say horses for courses...
  5. I call this one, "get ready guys, this is gonna hurt." or "hey, does anyone else feel like taking point?" running to do some damage with the mac11 teammate holding the doorway after the round Power Rangers P90 (sigh, waste of a P90 if you ask me) and lastly the mugshot
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