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  1. I managed to remove all plastic excedents, mount a g36 siderail, and mount my fts mount with magnifier:
  2. Hi i'd really like to add a magnifier on the strange looking "rail" (think it's some kinde of twist-click-on system), just before the rear iron sight. Anyone knows what fitting that is? Otherwise I'm planning on removing the circular part, which is held by a screw. File down the plastic bits that stick out. and fit a g36 siderail (short) on top of that.
  3. Alright fair enough, no offence, but so far, tsi doesn't do anything BUT selling vaporware.... Hence shipment of their tavor....
  4. hopup unit can't be replaced as it is integrated to the gearbox, but change the hopup rubber for a prometheus, and remove the little pusher thingy, that aplies pressure on the rubber, and replace it by an h-hop (5$ at ebaybanned); this solved all my hopup issues!
  5. yes it does still fit my deep fire m4
  6. after a very minor tweak on the mag with a fille, pmags work ok now
  7. Handing out blowjobs on the streetcorner might get you closer to a tar21
  8. Thx, BBstriker for the trick with the old aeg spring, works like a charm, mag release is uber stiff now!
  9. NOOOOO, get this loctite bolt locking stuff, works like a charm, use it to "glue" your cogwheel, but be assured it can be loosened again:: this is the stuff: http://www.bikernet.com/garage/loctitetech.asp You'll want the blue one, cause it can be loosened again if needed, the red is very, near impossible to get loose again!
  10. Probably the cogwheel on the motoraxle which came loose and shifts along the shaft.
  11. See previous posts; some of us seemed to find the hopup quite hard to get "just right" it was always too less or too much. But thx to the small and cheap parts i added, mine is ideal, just like my Deep fire M4. and i gained even more range.
  12. My order from ehobby arrived; all for the Tavor: a G&P CREE led 170 lumen flashlight. A prometheus soft hopup rubber, and an H-hop hopup buckling. Hopup isues are solved, it's now easy to set up, and thx to the H-hop buckling I have more range now!
  13. I did, but no better yield :-( Steel rayne; sorry, you answered faster than i edited previous post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UB-4Qsdwz5U
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