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  1. Alot of the photos of SF in woodland on the first page are recent.
  2. With an HK416... something tell me he isn't 101st
  3. Here's a start. Too many pics to Op-Sec.
  4. Yeah it's a good AEG. it comes with a one piece metal hop-up. Gunner said it has problems with jam ups but I haven't had any. The inner barrel is kinda crappy, so I replaced it with a Mad Bull barrel. I really like the way it shoots now. When I bought it, I got a D-Boys clubfoot stock. I just couldn't leave that LE stock on it. The plastic body is designed like a metal one, so I imagine it won't be long till they release a metal body.
  5. So I spent yesterday messing with the casv and managed to fit a small battery in it. It's a tight fit but is very do able. Goodbye PEQ!
  6. Yes Jaager, it's a D-Boyi CASV.(it's alot nicer than I thought it'd be) I've tried fitting a small battery in the CASV but it just wouldn't fit in there. Looks like I'm stuck with the PEQ, unless I rewire out to the crane stock. --------------------- Vulcan, The Handle came off a JLS SCAR, soo... the quality isn't the best. I figure once it breaks, I'll get one from Proud. .
  7. Airsoft Pacific Strike Team. Woodland CQC
  8. I like it. Has that sorta MFR look.
  9. So I can use it on my other rifle, if I need to.
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