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  1. Incest, a game for all the family....
  2. Will post them up next week when I get back Not MOLLE but quite a bit of velcro and popper stuff.
  3. They use a number of different vests ranging from BlackHawk to some from places like Anson Tactical. I can try and get some photos if you really want?
  4. xRAZERx

    ArnieGeddon 06

    Ag06, the event of the year for Arnies members. The event cannot be summed up by words alone, so check the link AG06 Forum
  5. We'll have to see about that. Oh and my new 416. xRx sponsored by HK
  6. H&K P2000 (Black Satin blade, spear point)
  7. Sounds like my work Yeah I'll be there in July. Evryone knows who I am LOL
  8. I skirmish at FireBall, I'll be there next weekend. If you tell me what you want in terms of amount of words, number of pictures and the like I'll even write you a few decent articles... And I'll pay for the drinks with a fifty. (payday tomorrow)
  9. Well it would seem that initail view of this "magazine" were correct. Now that it has gone live with WH Smiths and Mr Monaf is talking of running away to the US (where I'm sure they'll love the out of date news and articles about Action Man, but I'll admit he has a lot of loadouts...) Now that the magazine is available in Smiths, they'll be republishing articles from before (like the MP7 review). Some things for you to think over. Taken from the AI website £950 for a full page ad (plus VAT) he must be raking it in. No wonder that his issues have 10 more pages of ads
  10. Does a mod not tell you when they delete a thread? Like tell you why it was deleted and by whome so you don't just think it was a server error and repost it?
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