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  1. xD. If only more action heroes would jump out of the way of explosions that way. I also like how you kept to the first rule of cool guys. "Cool guys never look at explosions."
  2. Lolz, ironically, my sister made a little caption for it while I was putting it together. "Is there a war going on or something?"
  3. I just got into a Photoshopping binge lately, and while I've never used photoshop for it's...original purpose (usually just for drawing), it's horribly addicting. And I searched around this forum a little bit to see if anyone else had started it, and as far as I can see, no. If I am repeating a thread though, totally my bad. I'm...also not entirely certain if this thread is fine here. o.o Anyways. Usually, the extent of photoshopping I see in the pics threads revolves around blurring faces or adding a filter or two to an already really nice photograph. That's fine and all, but f
  4. Lolz, I like how in some of the pics on the first page, it looks like the soldiers are trying to hide around corners, but there are like, 50 kids staring em in the face from three feet away.
  5. *Post from first page* Yeah it's from the first page, but I have to know: How the hell did that guy get that gun past peacebinding?
  6. All I can say is that I prefer my guns to look pristine. To me, weathered guns (weathered anything for that matter. That is, actually weathered) remind me of every time I was an idiot. Say...and this is purely hypothetical, that I see a room of enemy soldiers that I could easily get the jump on. So I have my pistol out to really drive the point home, and as I jump out from the door way, my sling snaps off because I didn't secure it properly, and my gun clatters to the floor. Now there's a big scratch down the barrel because of my own idiocy. You guys might be good enough to weat
  7. "Hello Gary, I'm hitting you in the bum with a rocket." "Harr harr." :|. Sidenote: There are more names out there than Ahmed/Achmed xD. He could very well be a Gary.
  8. I would...totally take that chair into battle. Nobody would know what hit them. Hell, I wouldn't even know what I hit them with.
  9. It had to be done. The nature of the thread demanded it.
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