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  1. Nice review , love using a gbb in the rain
  2. I dislike the stock trigger. I had a huge issue with the mags were I left them sitting with a little bit of gas to keep them from leaking. When after a week I came back home from a business trip to find my mags empty and dispersing the gas from the top when I try to fill em up.
  3. Thanks for the answer guys. Excited to know how it does. Are you going to be using co2 or green gas?
  4. Any one know how long you can keep the co2 punctured in the magazines, I assume it will eventually just all disperse? Also on the WE gbb system could you load a magazine with 30 bb's, insert the magazine, pull the charging handle, remove the magazine and then insert one more bb in the mag to have 31 bb's total? Would that work? Or does the system just require the hammer to be down and then it manually feeds every bb from the magazine into the chamber when being fired? Thank you.
  5. Chrome ones have not been released yet.
  6. Thought I would share mine. Damn it I hope the military doesn't make a big deal of this. I never thought about that. Sorry they are a little blurry.
  7. I agree in the sence that when I reload on a real firearm I check the chamber first and seeing that brass gets me to think I'm not supposed to reload. But hey, It makes the WE a lot more reliable and functions much better and that I would take over the other companies.
  8. Hey all, I was wondering if someone could confirm something for me. I recently convinced a couple of friends to look into buying the WE for training since the economy isn't doing to well, and would allow me to play with my buds as well. (They only shoot at the range) But I was wondering if it was true that when you do a tactical reload one bb stays in the chamber every time and doesn't fall out if you shake the gun. This small little detail is important to them and me as well and would like to just get a report from someone who owns one if you all don't mind. Other than that excited for it as
  9. Good to know it's a fun skirmish-able rifle. So has it been confirmed that there is going to be a gen3 m4 with the new hop up?
  10. OH GOSH!! Cant wait for the earth shaking news
  11. I got email confirmation from Airsoftbuddy today!!! Check your emails
  12. Thing's just keep getting better and better. Can't wait for some updates on all the new items. Just the thought of pmags makes me happy.
  13. My TM 1911 MEU with PGC kit. This will have to do till I make some modifications.
  14. So that means you can fit a systema cnc'd lower on? As stated that the lower is from a ptw, and upper made from a rs
  15. I am sorry to post this without reading all of the pages (I'm at page 73 ) but I have a friend selling a magpul trigger guard meant for aviously a real steel, and wanted to put it on the WE m4, but havent had any one state wether it would fit or need nodding or be impossible. I would greatly appreciate it as my friend doesn't have forever and I can't find them anywere else. This could be my last chance hehe. ps. I noticed my newb status, had to create a new name. But all is well as my knowledge will be proof.
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