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  1. @fellowz: Try emailing or calling HERE they are in canada, so the pricing isn't in U.S. dollars. I have never ordered from them, so I can't vouch for them as a word of warning. Might be worth a try, Good luck with your hunt. EDIT: found this quote elsewhere
  2. Any one notice that propper is coming out with multicam bdu's soon? If it's old news forgive me. LINK Edit: I know this probably belongs in the news section, but...
  3. Thanks guys... K, here goes... Actually, I got this M203 from ehobbyasia. When I ordered it, the one pictured was for the classic army style delta ring. The one that they sent was for the tokyo marui style. At first I was a little upset but something told me to try it. The only problem is that it won't slip over the barrel, so the "A" front sight has to come off in order to slide it down the length of the barrel. Once on it fit like a glove with almost NO side to side movement. For this project, I switched the front mount on the 203 to a QD type, which required a bit of
  4. Unfortunatly (for my wallet), Yeah it belongs there, but only by $93. Note: I don't mind revealing the price in case someone else decides to go down that road.
  5. LOL...Boomarms I think UN Company has them as well. Also, King Arms has some in the works without the troy ind. trades. Good luck and make sure you post the pics when finished.
  6. Thanks... It is very low profile and light weight (if a 203 mounted M4 can be either of those) and I absolutely love the outcome. Partlist: Systema Drop-in gearbox Systema Magnum motor G&P enhanced hopup Prometheus 6.03 inner barrel G&P enhanced battery buttstock (w/2 9.6v batt.) G&P CQBR sling mount (for above stock) Action three-way sling G&P Troy metal body King Arms metal body accessories King Arms MRF 10" R.I.S. G&P short M203 Classic Army CQB outer barrel G&P barrel extension G&P Troy flashhider Boomarms Troy fron
  7. And to contribute to the pictures... Time for pics of the newest addition to the family. This was meant to be a replica of a real M4, the .pdf below has a picture of the real one. The top gun in the .pdf is the one I copied, however they had a choice of stocks and the guy at the bottom is holding the one I went with. By the way this was built without a donor, from scratch. CLICK HERE FOR THE .PDF AND MINE... Pictures are a bit big, so I thumbnailed them, click on the thumb then click again on the image to get full size. Hope you guys like it.
  8. I suppose it's personal preference. I tend to use them as the marine in the last picture. When they are in my vest they just feel more comfortable that way. I would think the first way would be a little harder to wind mags IF you use hicaps. If you think about it though the ranger magpuls are designed the first way...so.........hmmmmmmmm.
  9. oooooooooooo...That slide paired with the T. Franks lower, would be pure sexeh. (ALA, HBC whose compacts are the websters definition of "the big O" ) Can't wait to see them finished.
  10. @Halo C1 : DBT is a very good store however the majority of their MC stuff is made to order, which requires a bit of a wait. I place a good sized order there and about half my stuff was backordered. I canceled that half and got it from Optactical.com which has OUTSTANDING customer service. Some of their stuff is in the same backordered state, though. Best bet is to call or e-mail before ordering.
  11. Or maybe some yellow carbon fiber, ripped from the neighbors honda civic... Seriously though it does look kinda cool (different).
  12. http://www.militarymorons.com/weapons/wlights.html Small comparison write up part way down, may help a little.
  13. Here is a quote from the MM site that did a review on the stuff. That should help a little. "An important note: Crye Precision is not involved in the coating of parts beyond licensing coaters to use official MultiCam film. Crye Precision does not do any coating or take orders for MultiCam coating projects. All MultiCam coating work is done directly by licensed coaters. All orders should be placed directly with the coater. All technical questions should also be addressed to the coater. Ok, so where to get this done? Currently, Dynamic Finishes is the only coater licensed to use MultiC
  14. Systema and Star are the only ones that I know with working bolt stops and they function different. The Star one holds the bolt cover open so you can get to the hop up. The systema functions as the real gun more or less. The guns stops firing when dry and after reloading it requires pressing the stop to get it working again.
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