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  1. pop pop pop! added: kwong wah st! i remember spending hours and hours around there! (around 20 years ago i think) Probably been a bit messy these past few months..?
  2. 18-270 is laughably wide but even Thom has said it actually is not as bad as traditionally you'd presume with anything with a very wide focal zoom range. thats why i did not dismiss it out of hand. i would sometimes rate Tokina [better build too] and Tamron much higher than some of the Sigma's i've used. you have a D5000 ... hmm no internal focus motor... this does not have an internal focus motor on the lens - manual focus only for you.
  3. its ok as a do-all-walkabout. if you go for that, as 270 is still a bit short, shove a AF teleconvertor on it? otherwise, the nikkor 200-400/4 af-s VR would be the one to get. basically something longer than 300, and the sharpest possible. a prime would be good but its hard changing bodies when a bird is zipping over your head at 100ft, 300mph. [i was ok as i had my long D2X strapped to one shoulder, and my wide D700 to the other - no lens swapping - hard getting through doors though and several women looked at me oddly when i walked past from behind..] in general, short of the
  4. actually, i was technically inaccurate - as its nt the fps that slows but the buffer writing and card writing - if you keep your finger on the shutter you get less shots, and the camera takes longer to process the pictures [bit like waiting for noise reduction] you might find this useful: so, the general concensus is that if you feel you are fine without ADL, fine, dont bother with it i didnt go to farnborough again because of work, and didnt go today becaause the vulcan isn't flying
  5. was in farnborough recently on trade days biggest tip is to get a bloody long lens. for anything flying thats smaller than bloody big airliner - ie. jet fighters - they are small and very far away. 200mm, which i was toting, is too short. same tips as above, fast shutters, on props vary it a bit to see prop motion. i used a D2X and D700. d700 and 20mm was fine for indoor stuff though. active d lighting is ok if: you use nothing but matrix metering [doesnt work otherwise], and you shoot jpeg only, or you shoot jpeg as well as raw, but use nikon's own editing program with raw t
  6. oikoik

    AGM M4 GBB

    um.. ordered one of these.. anything to watch for? just stock, not real interested in accuracy yet... just want some gbb fun and is unco still best place for mags?
  7. possibly of not much info, but i have a sten mk5. its the smokeys version, using the tm ak-47 gearbox.
  8. always best to sort as much as you can 'in camera'. dont rely on post to fix it you dont have to 'learn' wb, just recognise what kind of light situation youre getting into, and adjust accordingly, or get your card out to adjust for it.
  9. probably isnt, but the mall shot reminds me of nishiki in kyoto... steam is always cool
  10. anlges and close ups are good, as these are, but not so many togetehr as it overwhelmes the eyes and they glaze over. just use them sparingly, otherwise theyre good! did a bit of work with a commercial car tog a while ago.. lets just say the so-called boring shots sell...
  11. *git!* lucky you! lol, i hadnt thought of that i think its a tad more difficult to arrange that over london these days though, theyre very sensitive... i'd actually love to do hong kong, maybe inbetween the skyscrapers.. yum
  12. i like the richness of your city pics. i had a great op to do a city flyby a couple of years ago, but had to back out because of the cost [hiring a helo]
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